Your Body and Your Breasts: What to Consider Before a Breast Procedure

How does the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic create successful breast procedure results?

We plan extensively and cover every base to reach the homerun goal. That goal is giving our  a naturally beautiful end product. When it comes to breast not only should the procedure produce naturally beautiful results, the breasts should also fit the lifestyle of the patient. In this post we will include the following to consider for a patient’s lifestyle:

  • Everyday tasks
  • Physical body
  • Confidence level

Of course, these are only a few general aspects to consider, however I am sure we can all relate to what is listed above.

Females face an onslaught of society standards when it comes to their bodies. Breasts have always been seen as a main form of attraction. While the trend changes from generation to generation, the attention on a woman’s chest size never wavers. This can be emotionally daunting because a woman’s body is already hard to work with.

Breast Procedures


Whether you inherit small, medium, or big breasts they all come with the same emotional turmoil. I am here to tell you that no matter your choice of procedure, we have a solution for you.

Our specialists (or detailists as they like to be called) are known for taking every little detail into consideration. Not only will they create a physically beautiful results, they will make sure the patient feels beautiful on the inside as well. Let’s move on to the first part of a lifestyle.

Everyday Tasks

What a patient does on a day-to-day basis can is important factor in a breast procedure. For example, women with large breasts are prone to having back issues. This can be debilitating for everyday life. Small tasks such as grocery shopping, exercising, even an office job that requires a lot of sitting would be hard work for a woman with large breasts. The constant attention to posture would be emotionally straining and physically painful if not done right.

For this type of issue, it is suggested to consider a breast reduction also known as reduction mammaplasty. This procedure would alleviate back pain through making the breasts a proportionate size to the body. Proportions are especially important when seriously considering plastic surgery of any kind.

Below are before and after photos of a patient that received a breast reduction.

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Physical Body

So many factors have to be actively discussed before a procedure begins, the physical proportions of a patient are extremely important. This can determine the type of procedure that would best fit the patient’s needs. For example, women born with small breasts often times receive breast augmentation and have many choices to make.

The choices include breast implant types, surgical techniques, and more. The overall goal is to further enhance your breasts. Notice the word enhance, which means the Banobagi specialists work with what you were born with. Not only does this create a natural result it also helps to boost the patient’s confidence level.

Below are before and after photos of two patients that received a breast augmentation.

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Confidence Level

A really important factor of any procedure is how the patient feels through the process. The confidence level can drastically change how a patient responds to their specialist. This can make or break a procedure, so when a patient is in consultation with a specialist they should be asking just as many questions as the specialist. There is no such thing as a stupid question and every moment a patient immerses themselves within the process the better for everyone involved. Here is a great article that suggests good questions for a patient to ask.

In Conclusion

The three factors above are only a small part of the whole equation, yet each factor holds an equal amount of importance. Breast procedures are very complex and have to be planned extensively. They go beyond the actual procedure. Specialists will continue to follow up with their patients after the surgical process by giving extensive post-operative care. This care includes breast screening, scar treatment, and tumor removal procedures if necessary. If you feel ready to take this step in your life then click here to set up a consultation with one of our many experienced specialists.

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