What Is Body Contouring: How To Achieve A Beautiful Body

How do we create aesthetically pleasing body lines?

An even better question, what are body lines? They are what the eyes are drawn to from head to toe. How does your body contouring look from each section of your body and what can be improved?

Our bodies can go through many different changes and sometimes when a patient is in What is body contouringthe process of losing weight. They want to come back to a body they had previously; and some parts of the body will resist.

Those parts of the body interrupt what we like to call an aesthetically pleasing body line. We have extensive ways of making sure our patients achieve the right body line for themselves. We do this through the use of our body contouring procedures.

When most patients hear contouring, they think of the makeup trend that took the world by storm thanks to Kim Kardashian. However, contouring is simply the ability to create shape using shadow and light. At Banobagi we take that definition and push it to the next level.

What is Body Contouring?

Body contouring is the pursuit of a healthy balanced body. This ultimately leads to a beautiful body that looks excellent from all angles. Usually body contouring procedures are done after major weight loss.

When the body goes through a large difference, such as losing a large amount of weight, some areas of the body will hold pockets of fat cells that will awkwardly shape the body. Another issue can be the body shape left from stretched skin. While the body is in a healthy condition, a patient will need help to fix the lines of the body.

This is where body contouring comes into play. We work with our patients to establish a body shape that fits their overall structure and helps them to stay on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

What is body contouring

How Many Procedures Are Dedicated To Body Contouring?

Within our clinic, we have many procedures that are viable for body contouring. Our procedures that fall within the body contouring field are the following:

  • Whole body liposuction
  • Localized liposuction
  • Dual slim procedure

Other procedures at Banobagi can also be done to compliment a primary body contouring procedure. For example, a patient that receives liposuction might want to reshape certain parts of their body that have lost its shape, such as the breasts. For this, a patient can opt to also receive a breast reconstruction procedure to better shape the upper part of the body. It’s all very personal and unique to each patient’s history.

We also make sure our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, so that the result of the procedures is long term. We help our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle by providing post-operative options such as:

  • Diet management programs
  • Non-surgical obesity treatment programs

Our specialists want to make sure the patient continues a healthy path so that they can also continue to lead a healthy, happy life. Body contouring is our way of encouraging our

what is body contouring

patients to continue making great decisions. These procedures are here to get rid of the after effects of weight loss. To really boost the patients confidence and make them see the amount of work they have put in.

In Conclusion

What is body contouring? The answer encompasses many factors. Yet the answer is available within our clinic. At Banobagi, we take pride in helping patients that have overcome weight loss journeys.

We want to empower them and we do that by helping them become the best versions of themselves.

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