How Ulthera Ultrasound Technology Lifts Away Loose Skin

Most anti-aging procedures are minimally invasive but still require an incision. However, we have access to an original, non-invasive way of prolonging youth.

Every human being wants to look young and youthful their entire life, but with life comes aging. When aging begins so does the process of wrinkles and droopiness. At Banobagi, we have a plethora of anti-aging procedures. Many of which include physical medical tools that integrate within the skin and help to improve the myofascial layer.

The myofascial layer is the central layer of the skin and is directly responsible for wrinkles and droopiness. When the myofascial becomes loose, it then loosens the other layers of skin that sit on top of the myofascial layer:

  • The fat layer
  • The dermis
  • The epidermis

Ulthera and ultrasound technologyAll of our anti-aging procedures focus on repairing the loose myofascial. Which allows the stimulation and growth of other facial components that work to tighten the skin. Most of our procedures are minimally invasive and involve the use of physical lifting materials. All of which require minimal incisions to insert into the skin.

We have taken a step toward non-invasive procedure byutilizing Ulthera.

What Is Ulthera?

Ulthera is the use of ultrasound technology to encourage the improvement of the myofascial layer by delivering high-temperature ultrasonic waves deep into the skin until it reaches the myofascial layer,  This starts the improvement process.


The procedure is unique for many reasons. It is a non-invasive procedure that has the ability to precisely send treatment into specific layers of the skin. Ulthera is applicable from the brows to the chest area of the body. Through many clinical studies, done daily and worldwide, Ulthera is a proven, successful anti-aging procedure.

How Does Ultrasound Technology Encourage Skin Elasticity?

Recently, Ulthera has made waves with its technological improvements toward medical imaging. Ultrasound technology has been a useful tool within the medical field for many generations, but, it wasn’t always able to probe past superficial layers of the skin with great detail. Ultrasound images were superficial and simple.

In recent years Ulthera’s real-time ultrasound technology, known as DeepSee, vastly improves upon these shortcomings by creating real-time monitoring. As a result, our specialists can see more specificity and guarantee better results.

Ulthera and ultrasound technology
DeepSee technology

Through monitoring a patient’s skin in real-time, the specialist can see the thickness of each skin layer and determine the amount of treatment that is necessary. In other words, this allows for more accurate and efficacious treatment.

By sending high-temperature ultrasonic waves into the skin, the specialist can lift and firm the myofascial layer. This will reduce or eradicate fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is sent in a cone-like shape, similar to sunlight through a magnifying glass which allows for more accurate results.

As a non-invasive procedure, virtually, no damage is done to the other layers of skin that the ultrasonic waves pass through which means our patients don’t have post-operative recovery time and return to a normal lifestyle immediately.

In Conclusion

Ulthera is a wonderful option because of its appeal to patients that do not like incision procedures. The path to successful results is paved with constant improvement. We are always looking for the best procedures to offer our patients and we always want to include more non-invasive procedures.

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