The Versatility of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell treatment is an adaptable tool in the arsenal of the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Before we get into the many uses of stem cell treatment let’s answer the obvious question. What is stem cell treatment? The one word that will always apply to stem cell treatment is adapt. This type of treatment adapts to the many needs of procedures, during and after Stem cell therapythe fact.

Stem cell research is essentially the harvesting of healthy cells. What is the body made of up? Healthy cells. With the ultimate team of Banobagi specialists and government funded technology, stem cell therapy continues to evolve at Banobagi.

How does Banobagi study stem cell therapy?

Banobagi utilizes biotechnology researchers when studying stem cell therapy. These specialists are responsible for professional cell therapy procedures, which is the process of properly manipulating healthy cells for various uses. The know-how of cell harvesting is crucial to the success of stem cell therapy. Banobagi’s biotechnology researchers are highly knowledgeable of what is the best way to obtain and maintain healthy cells.

For example, when liposuction procedures are being performed, the specialists are multitasking. They are simultaneously extracting fat and harvesting cells for future use. Banobagi goes a step further and uses their 18 years of experience to make huge discoveries. One of those discoveries is the damage heat does to the development of stem cells.

Through the use of cutting-edge technology, fat extraction happens, while leaving a smooth silhouette. Healthy cell harvesting is also apart of the end goal. Taking it a step further, Banobagi uses a sterile room system for every part of the cell harvesting process. From cell separation, to isolation, to cell processing, they are protected from any external issues.

Stem cell therapy

After the extraction process the stem cells are put into storage within a cryogenic freezing storage system to ensure as little outside contact as possible. The stem cells can be in storage for three to five years. From the initial extraction to therapy use, cells are susceptible to damage and pollution. With this storage system, Banobagi increases the usage of stem cells from one use to several uses.

Imagine how extensive the process is. Now imagine the healthy and exceptional results of Banobagi’s stem cell therapy. None of this would be possible if we did not hold ourselves to the highest standards possible. With successful harvesting and study of stem cell therapy comes the next question.

Why is stem cell therapy important to other procedures?

Extracted stem cells are also known as SVF cells. SVF cells can be used immediately after their extraction from fat. However, these are not the only extraction points for SVF cells. Extraction points also include blood and bone marrow.

Once extracted they have the amazing ability of self-renewal, elasticity, and improving skin tone. Imagine just these three abilities at work when those healthy cells are in the following areas of the body

  • Eyelid
  • Breast
  • Hip
  • Cheek
  • Face and more.

Not only do SVF cells have incredible self-repair abilities, they are also highly adaptable to any area they inject into. The SVF cells promote repair of skin scarring, aging, and even correction of facial and body features. The sky is the limit when it comes to SVF cells.

Stem cell therapy

In Conclusion

Banobagi paves the way for the most natural and healthy results possible. Stem cell therapy has its controversial moments in medical history. However, Banobagi takes the many years necessary to show how it can be an integral part of cosmetic surgery. To learn more about stem cell therapy, click here and explore our endless possibilities with SVF cells.


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