The Importance Of Recovery Time

Every procedure requires recovery time. Allowing the body to properly rest is how a patient will look their best. 

When your body goes through any type of trauma it needs time to rebuild and repair. With all the work that goes into any procedure, we want to make sure our patients understand the importance of self-care and allowing the body time to heal. 

How Long Is The Recovery Time?

Recovery time varies depending on the procedure. Recovery can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months to heal completely. For most procedures, it will take between 60 to 90 days for results to show. Most procedures done at Banobagi allow patients to be back into regular life within two weeks.

Some procedures, like full-body liposuction, will also require a patient to avoid intense activity for about one month. Other procedures will require prescribed medication for swelling and bruising; other procedures will require a patient to follow a certain skin care routine every night and morning. 

Keep in mind, the recovery time is general and might be different depending on theRecovery Time patient. Procedures that typically result in bruising and swelling will need a lot of attention from the patient and specialist. 

Sometimes it can be hard to see what is really going on with your body. Why are weeks of recovery time necessary? Why are these rituals and prescriptions necessary? What is going on?

What Is The Body Doing?

Any procedure done to the body immediately activates the body’s natural defense mechanisms. The body will go through different stages of healing which will then heal in tandem with any changes made to your body. 

From fighting infections to stitching the body back up with the use of collagen and connective tissue, the body is really a sight to behold. Imagine the time and energy that goes into repairing an area of trauma? 

Recovery Time

Now imagine the work our specialists do to enhance this area. We work in tandem with the body’s natural healing process, so we can achieve amazing results for our patients. 

Once the procedure is finished, we have to trust that the patient will follow our lead in respecting their body and working in tandem with their body. Banobagi is never too far away to answer questions regarding the healing process. In fact, we go a step further and create solutions to our patient’s concerns and needs. 

How Can Banobagi Help The Recovery Process?

At the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we make sure our service levels are high. One way we do so is by taking in all patient feedback. One area that we hear about often is the recovery period. 

Patients worry about the sensitivity of their skin while they are healing. Many are worried about the swelling and bruising of some cosmetic surgery procedures will not go down and will be extremely painful. We have solutions to those concerns. 

Recovery TimeAside from the obvious mandatory checkups we require, we also have two self-care programs. The first is a rapid healing cosmetics line called Milk Thistle Recovery Line. 

Every product within this cosmetic line has a mild and effective reaction to sensitive skin. Rather than stimulate the sensitive skin, the products promote smooth, healing, anti-aging properties within the skin. 

The second is a prescription medication with the name of Sinech. This medication is useful to ease the after-effects of plastic surgery. The specific after-effects are edema and bruising. It is an FDA approved medication and comes with minimal side-effects. 

In Conclusion

The healing process is as important as all surgical procedures. From cosmetic surgeries to plastic surgeries, the body will need its own time to heal around the new area. 

Remember, don’t stress yourself, take your time, and never be afraid to reach out to your surgeons for any advice. It really is remarkable what the body can do when you allow it it’s own time. 


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