The Importance of Genioplasty: Fixing The Chin

The chin is a focal point of the face. One of three that helps to shape ideal facial proportions. What can a patient do to better shape the chin?

At the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we offer many surgeries that can help to complement and balance imperfect facial proportions. Our facial contouring procedures cover an extensive list of needs.

From cheekbone reduction to facial reconstruction we do it all. One procedure uses the chin as it’s the main focal point. That procedure is a genioplasty.

What is The Importance Of Genioplasty?

A genioplasty is a type of facial contouring procedure that focuses specifically on the lower part of the face, but mostly the chin. Our main goal is to help create a better facial ratio for the patient so that their face is more ideal and attractive. The importance of genioplasty is to help create better facial dimensions overall.

importance of genioplasty

Most times, when our patients look at their face, it’s from a frontal view that leaves the chin with a 2D look, but we also have side views to account for. We want all parts of the facial silhouette to be attractive, while also taking into account parts of the body that connect to the face; such as the neck.

Why Receive Cosmetic Work On The Chin?

Why would someone feel the need to receive cosmetic surgery on their chin? How can the chin change the way a patient will look?

The facial ratio works the same as any ratio in life. If one proportion is off, then the rest will be off as well. The visual ratio is key to an attractively aesthetic face.

The chin can make or break the focal points of the face. If the chin is too small, then facial impressions become unclear. The opposite being that if the chin is too long then the face will appear older and rigid. Even with perfectly shaped eyes and wonderful nose shape, a chin that doesn’t fit the rest of the face will throw off the rest of the facial ratio.

With this in mind, a patient can fix the chin by undergoing a genioplasty, so that way the rest of the facial ratio is balanced. Whether a patient needs a reduction or a chin implant, there are various options when choosing to receive a genioplasty.

Why Is The ‘V’ Shape Significant?

Within South Korean culture, beauty standards are particular. The ‘V’ shape of the chin is a part of those beauty standards. Many of our patients come to our clinic with only this characteristic in mind, not even thinking about their own unique features. What we do is find the ‘V’ line for each patient.

importance of genioplastyThrough in-depth consultations and facial analysis, we show our patients the hidden aesthetic within their facial ratios. We do not want every patient to receive the same look, because it’s what looks universal. Each patient has a specific ratio that looks superior for their facial structure; so that’s how we work with the significant ‘V’ line.

In Conclusion

Genioplasty is one of the many amazing facial contouring procedures that we offer. The importance of genioplasty is to show our patients that not only can we help them achieve a well-balanced face, we can also help them find a unique structure that only they can have. The human face is very unique and each patient deserves the right amount of attention.

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