The Importance of Facial Proportions

The first place anyone looks is the face. We subconsciously base our first assumptions on the look of a person’s face.

The face holds everything important when it comes to South Korean culture. Respect, beauty, expression, and more are held to high standards in South Korea. The face can do all of this and more. During this post, we will take about the importance of facial proportions that hit all the high standards of South Korean culture.

There are three focal points on the face that help to create the right type of proportions for a well-rounded face. Those points are the eyes, the nose, and the chin. Let’s explore their importance one point at a time.

The Eyes

Why are the eyes important to facial proportions? There are three aspects that have to be taken into account when looking at the eyes:

  1. Eye shape
  2. Pupil exposure
  3. Eye muscle strength

All three go hand in hand. If the eye shape is not open, then the pupil won’t have the right amount of exposure. The eye shape may not open enough because the eye lacks the right amount of muscle strength to keep the eye open.

If the eye is not open enough, then the pupil does not get enough exposure. Why are these aspects so important to the eyes in regards to facial proportions?

Importance of facial proportions
Ideal pupil exposure.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. They tell the world how you feel about anyone and anything. That type of expression is important to convey, and the eyes start it all. Not to mention the eyes must always look awake and alert.

This is where pupil exposure becomes significant. The more the pupil is exposed the more expressive a person will look. This gives the right type of impression to anyone. Of course, pupil exposure can only happen when all three aspects work in tandem.

The Nose

Importance of facial proportions

Every piece of work has a center point that helps a viewer branch out and connects all the pieces. The centerpiece helps to balance out all the other pieces and aptly bring everything together. For the face, the centerpiece is the nose. Aside from the implant material, the nose has the following aspects for us to take into consideration:

  1. Height/Shape/Length of the nose
  2. Skeletal width
  3. The thickness of the skin layer
  4. The nostrils

Culture dictates that the nose should look a particular way, so to compliment the rest of the facial features. At Banobagi, we have one on one, in-depth consultations with our patients so we can study the rest of their facial proportions and suggest the best nose shape that compliments the rest of their face. It’s very possible for a patient to have a nicely shaped nose that does not fit the rest of their face. Hence, the importance of facial proportions.

The Chin

The South Korean beauty standard for the chin has a stereotypical shape; the ‘V’ line. This shape starts from the ears traveling down to the tip of the chin. In an ideal world, all people would have a ‘V’ shaped face, but this ideal world doesn’t take individual needs into account. The importance of facial proportion applies to each focal point.

Importance of facial proportions

Many times, a patient will come and ask for facial contouring and they want the coveted ‘V’ shape because that’s what everyone should look like. However, at Banobagi we strive to give results that complement each face.  With the chin, we look to add dimension by creating a facial structure that looks pleasing from all angles. The procedure that specifically handles the shape of the chin is called genioplasty.

In Conclusion

Overall, the goal of these focal points is to create an attractive face that looks natural and expressive. Like a piece of art, the main aspects must be in focus and cohesive for the bigger picture to be perfect. Every patient should see themselves as a unique piece of art. We at Banobagi work with the wonderful materials our patients choose to give us.

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