The Importance of Detailed Surgeries In Cosmetic Procedures

Do You Know Why Detailed Surgeries Are So Important?

One of the many things we all learned growing up was to incorporate detail. As a kid, we incorporated it into the colors of our drawings and the descriptive words in our writings. As adults, our eyes became so immune to the little things, that we are constantly searching for the smallest feature to tweak. This is why we believe detailed surgeries are so important to provide for patients. Banogabi’s surgical team recognizes the importance of every detail in major reconstructive surgery as well as minimally invasive procedures.

detailed surgeriesWe use detail in many aspects of our lives. It can be shown through the way your chandelier glistens through the sunlight in your house. The way the gap between your teeth adds character to your face. It can even be the way you are greeted when you walk into your favorite restaurant. The details are so important they are embedded into everything we do. We proudly call ourselves detailist in all the surgeries we perform for our patients.

‘I am a Detailist’

detailed surgeriesWe understand how important it is for our patients to be under the care of highly trained staff during surgical operations. You can count on them to pay attention to every technicality along the way. We call ourselves ‘detailists’ through surgery operation, patient care, surgery preparation, anesthesia, and research. Banobagi’s team showcases detailed surgeries through every step of a procedure performed to optimize the best end results.

  • Starting with the systematic medical examination system. It utilizes over 20 different types of pre-screening before any surgical procedure so patients can get long term, safer, and more adequate results.
  • The next element we pay close attention to is safety. To list a few key details, we operate in sterile and disinfected environments with a resident anesthesiologist present and emergency power system if needed.
  • In addition, surgeons and specialists studied from Seoul National University. They have undercome over 19 years of professional knowledge and experience. Every doctor has detailed surgical skills needed for a specific field.
  • Following surgery, there is a detailed analysis with each case. For over 19 years, we have been accumulating data with each patient by age group, region, and gender.
  • Lastly is postoperative care, it consists of a personalized follow up that covers swelling and bruising treatments if necessary.

Banobagi Plastic Surgery

The philosophy behind Banobagi is detail. For the benefit of our hospital and patients, we refrain from unnecessary surgical treatments and preserve the value of natural beauty.  Patients can expect a safe surgery practice presented by their surgeons. Patients will undergo pre-consultation, doctor consultation, medical examination, operation, and post-operative treatment to ensure a successful procedure. We strive to provide safety and comfort to every patient in our facility by closely monitoring surgeries and continuously upgrading operation rooms.

detailed surgeries

Operation rooms include a cardiac defibrillator to take on emergency situations that may occur, dual safety devices to maintain power supply and a patient monitoring system. To name a few, the monitoring system will measure vital signs such as cardiac activity, blood oxygen, and body temperature while the patient is on the operating table. Along with updated equipment, staff members are constantly studying and researching new practices and skills. You can count on Banobagi to be up to date in the field of beauty and medicine.


Surgery involves precision in medical practice. In life, there is always a shorter path to take but we can all agree that the more obstacles we overcome, the better the result will be in the end. Banobagi takes honor in performing detailed surgeries in every step of the procedure. Our staff is attentive to patients from the moment they step in the facility until the moment they step out. Throughout the years of operation, we are proud to say that every surgery performed has been with care and dedication. If you have your heart set on surgeons that perform detailed surgeries, contact us for a consultation.


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