The Hallyu Wave: What It Is & How It’s Changing Pop Culture

You may be wondering, what’s the Hallyu Wave? Well, do you remember, Beatlemania? If you’re a millennial or younger, probably not. And that’s okay. Ask your parents or grandparents about this legendary frenzy. Ask them about the Ed Sullivan Show and the band’s follow up domination of the billboard chart. Certainly, they can still hear the high-pitched screams from teenage girls across the nation.

Regardless, Beatlemania was a distinct and irreplaceable era across the globe. It was so significant because it broke down cultural barriers. Additionally, it forever altered the international music scene. The Hallyu Wave, which translates to “the flow of Korea”, is following in the footsteps of the Beatles’ iconic era. Fashion trends are changing, the music charts are changing, and teenage girls and boys are screaming all over again. Popular culture is being hit by a new shock wave and it does not show any signs of slowing. If you want to learn more about this new Korean Pop Wave, then keep scrolling.

the Hallyu Wave

The Korean Pop Wave: What You Need To Know

1. Fashion & The Hallyu Wave

One of the most noticeable examples of K-Pop’s influence in the Hallyu Wave is in the current fashion trends. For some time, South Korea has been shaking the fashion world’s tables. Seoul’s Fashion Week is slowly rising to prominence among powerhouse cities like New York, London, and Milan. Much of this international attention is earned from the eclectic, imaginative looks this city serves. Bright colors and androgynous ‘fits are characteristic of Seoul’s urban style. K-Pop stars (with a little help from their stylists) are the creative geniuses behind these hard-hitting trends! From their hair down to their shoelaces, members of big bands such as BTS and girl group, BlackPink, boast bold pastels and prints. BTS was even featured in popular American magazines such as Allure and Vogue due to their undeniable impact. The K-Pop look draws considerable inspiration from anime, which has seen its own surge in the Western market.

Another characteristic game-changer to K-Pop fashion is its androgynous style. At the heart of the K-Pop style is the freedom of self-expression. This is a major catch for their core base of adolescents and young adults. K-Pop fans are comprised of both men and women of all ages. Consequently, their gender fluid aesthetic allows for all fans to emulate their idols’ looks. This includes breaking traditional gender norms such as girls being discouraged from wearing suits and boys not wearing makeup. In fact, many of the men of K-Pop wear cosmetics alongside their female counterparts. This has led to a noticeable spike in not only Korean but international markets for male-catered cosmetics

the Korean Pop Wave

2. Skincare & The Hallyu Wave

That’s right! The Hallyu Wave ushered in by its K-Pop stars, isn’t just changing the fashion industry. It’s also making a major impact in the world of cosmetics. Fans don’t just want to emulate their favorite celebs’ fashions. They also want to steal their makeup looks! It’s no secret the boy band members wear a bit of eyeliner or brow tints to enhance their natural features. It’s no secret the South Korea cosmetic industry has become a big deal. In 2018, it was deemed the new beauty mecca. This title was earned with good reasoning. Certainly, the rise of K-beauty is one of the biggest factors in the power of the Hallyu Wave.

Its attention to complexion is the characteristic feature of K-beauty. The “glass skin” trend is a global phenomenon that is popping up across beauty magazines and websites around the world. Beauty gurus are swapping out their oil and shine control products. Instead, they’re choosing those that let their natural dew peak through. Despite the effortless finish, this look can require some maintenance. Hence, the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine that has blown up alongside the glass skin craze.

Aesthetics are such an essential component to the rise of the Hallyu Wave. Consequently,  cosmetic surgery is another key aspect in this movement. South Korea is not only known for its beauty products. It’s also known for its advanced plastic surgery clinics. Some people aren’t naturally endowed with the K-Pop look. That’s okay! Our hospital is a go-to destination for those looking to get their dream aesthetics. Korean clinics are acclaimed for their advanced technology and highly trained surgeons. This leads to quicker recovery speeds for clients and long-lasting levels of satisfaction. South Korea’s cosmetic surgery is quickly becoming one of its biggest cultural exports!

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 3. Music: The Greatest Impact?

Last on our list of what drives The Hallyu Wave is music. Korean pop music has been an unstoppable force in the music industry. These acts include groups such as EXO, Super Junior, and Infinite. These artists are all industry heavyweights in their own right. Yet undoubtedly, the most influential group in Korean entertainment has been BTS. BTS, otherwise known as the Bangtan Boys, are front in center in the Korean wave. Don’t believe us? Go to Youtube right now. Search any BTS music video. Most of them have half a billion views individually and billions of views combined.

BTS has a devoted fan base unlike any other. Nonetheless, their acclaim in South Korean pop culture has been earned. They are praised for their smooth vocals and synchronized dance moves. Their song tackle difficult issues such as heartbreak and  Their fandom has grown to such heights even the American music industry has taken note. In 2018, the Bangtan Boys won big at American music awards such as Billboard & iHeartRadio. They even made history with their performance at the American Music Awards. This popular Korean group has seen major success and shows no signs of losing steam.

So, That’s The Hallyu Wave? What Next?

The Hallyu Wave, which began in Asian countries, is truly sweeping over the globe. As mentioned earlier, this movement shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the optics indicate an even greater rise in Korean entertainment and its prominence moving into 2019. If you can’t stop the wave, you might as well learn how to surf!

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