South Korea Plastic Surgery: 5 Reasons For It’s Popularity

Why is Plastic Surgery popular in South Korea?

Plastic surgery is more than just a popular beauty enhancement in South Korea. Its mainstream use has become widely acceptable, integrating it into individuals’ daily lives. As common as applying make up or changing the style of your hair, plastic surgery ranks highly among frequently used beauty techniques to satisfy one’s appearance.

Here are five reasons why plastic surgery is popular in South Korea.

1. South Korea Plastic Surgery Preserves Korean Culture

Plastic surgery in South Korea presents individuals with the opportunity to rebuild their desired image. Cosmetic surgeries are a vital tool when it comes to maintaining the Korean beauty aesthetic standard. Plastic surgeons have the ability to create slimmer jaw lines, bigger eyes and increase the height of the nose bridge.

Double eyelid surgery, for example, is a popular procedure that results in an overall bigger eye space.  Bigger eyes represent greater beauty. For other individuals that simply seek to reshape their nose, Rhinoplasty would be the best method of choice.

south korea plastic surgery


Now, let’s touch base on how cosmetic procedures influence an individual’s success.

2. Korean Beauty Equals Increased Success

Koreans pride themselves in their appearance and take exceptional care of their bodies. One in three women in South Korea between the ages of 19 and 29 have undergone a cosmetic procedure. It’s a lifestyle that has become completely normalized and accepted.

When applying for a school or a new job, individuals are required to submit a headshot. It becomes your first impression and has the ability to impact one’s future. South Korean plastic surgery is a valuable investment for an individuals’ economic success versus egotistical purposes.

Improving parts of an individuals appearance through South Korean plastic surgery can also heavily influence your romantic life. Newfound confidence as a result of cosmetic procedures can assist in attracting an ideal partner.

Next, let’s discuss what other external factors contribute to South Korea plastic surgery.

3. K-Pop Influences Plastic Surgery Trends

As we know, South Korea is the plastic surgery capital. South Korean pop idols are another source of major influence on the already thriving cosmetic surgery world.

K-pop celebrities bring popularity to specific features such as a slim jawline, wider eyes and a higher nose. South Korean women constantly refer to k-pop celebrities when rebuilding their image.

Men are influenced by the K-pop culture, as well.  It has led to redefining conventional masculine standards and is the entire opposite of what is considered to be manly.

South Korea plastic surgery creates a softer, feminine look to satisfy those customized needs.  Botox and fillers for the face are also non-invasive procedures that are popular amongst men. These procedures reverse the aging process by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

South Korea plastic surgery

4. Plastic Surgery Process is Almost Instantaneous

Double eyelid surgery, as mentioned previously, can be completed in as quickly as an hour in an outpatient setting. This is extremely beneficial and appealing to patients because they are able to return home the same day.

Similarly, other procedures such as thread lifting can result in an instant facelift. For patients who need instant and durable results, plastic surgery in South Korea is ideal.

Furthermore, South Korea is constantly developing new and safe techniques for its plastic surgery procedures. With the constant enhancement of their treatments and facilities, the future is very promising for cosmetic surgery.


5. High-Quality Procedures with Cost Effective Prices

The Gangnam district in Seoul, South Korea is the home to over 400 plastic surgery clinics. In addition to the various clinics, advertisements are visible throughout all the subway stations and billboards. Advertisements promote the ideal beauty image and serve to entice consumers constantly.

Plastic surgeons in South Korea are valued highly because they’re experts in creating flawless, natural looks. With access to the most modern technology, plastic surgeons are also able to provide high-quality results.

Pricing is also very affordable. Plastic surgery procedures in South Korea are offered at competitive prices compared to the United States. This is a major attraction for individuals seeking cosmetic procedures internationally.

The combination of high-quality procedures and affordable pricing led to medical tourism in South Korea. Medical tourism provides legal support to foreign patients seeking top-notch cosmetic surgeries. According to the New York Times, there is an expectation of one million medical tourists by the year 2020.


In conclusion, South Korea has the highest plastic surgery rates for a well-deserved reason. The highly trained cosmetic surgeons are evolving every day to continue rising to the top.

Let us help you find the best version of yourself and schedule a consultation with us today.

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