Selfie Culture and Plastic Surgery in Korea: Who Influences Who?

The rise of selfie culture and plastic surgery are closely linked. This begs the question: who has influenced who? Did selfie culture affect the landscape of cosmetic surgery? Or, did cosmetic surgery shape selfie culture’s explosion? Your answer is yes. Because of selfie culture, people are seeing themselves more than ever before. This results in a greater focus on physical flaws. Therefore, many turn to cosmetic surgery to fix their imperfections and boost their confidence. Consequently, this confidence boost produces more selfies. This phenomenon arises most notably in Korea, the world’s current beauty mecca. Social media has significantly changed Korean beauty standards. Scroll below to learn more about selfie culture and plastic surgery in Korea.

selfie culture and plastic surgery

Korean Selfie Culture And Plastic Surgery

1. Selfie Apps

Selfie apps are at the forefront of Korean selfie culture. In the West, Snapchat is a game changer. This messaging app is most renowned for its face filters. These filters include puppy ears, flower crowns, and butterfly halos. Korea has similar apps, such as Snow and Camera 360. Like their Western counterparts, these apps offer filters that add a playful aesthetic. And yet, these apps are highly advanced. Camera 360 includes a face slimming and acne erasing filter. Consequently, more users prefer their altered image over their natural appearance. In terms of cosmetic surgery, this appears in the rise of minor treatments such as facials and chemical peels.  However, major procedures include face contouring and jawline surgery. These procedures are popular amongst Korean pop stars.

2. K-Pop

Celebrities have always been influential in the fashion and beauty industry. Korean pop stars, or K-pop, are no exception. These celebrities have had a massive impact on the scene of Korean cosmetic surgery. Their clout comes from their heavy social media presence and recent willingness to discuss their experiences under the knife. The K-pop aesthetic is distinct from its Western equivalent. The exaggerated enhancements of the West are replaced by a more youthful, radiant appearance. Their look is also highly inspired by anime. This involves soft, oval faces, pink, rosebud lips, and big bright eyes. To achieve this ideal aesthetic, many celebrities have undergone double-eyelid surgeries and jaw reconstruction. In addition, rhinoplasties, or the “nose job” is another common procedure. Emulating their anime idols, many K-pop stars receive a nose job to get a more narrow and dainty nose.

3. Rhinoplasty

The rise of  rhinoplasty is where selfie culture’s popularity merges with cosmetic surgery. Many people are undergoing nose jobs to enhance their appearance in their photos. Ironically, it is their selfie appearance that triggers their insecurities. This stems from the camera’s closeness to its owner’s face. Picture takers see their noses as more exaggerated than what they are. Luckily, with the increase of the nose job, advancements have been made in this procedure. There is no longer a one size fits all rhinoplasty. Medical professions are now able to customize the right nose for their patients. Different facial types and ethnic backgrounds are now taken into consideration. This leads to better, long-lasting results and confident clients who feel better in their photographs.

In conclusion, selfie culture and plastic surgery have become opposite sides of the same coin. To learn more about any procedures listed please contact us, we would be more than happy to help you!


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