Ptosis Correction: Which Eye Surgery Is Right For You?

Just because double eyelid surgery is popular doesn’t mean that it is the right surgery for every patient.

With its consistent success, double eyelid surgery is the most asked for procedure at any plastic surgery clinic, in Korea  However, there are many more possibilities when it comes to cosmetic eye surgery. But you must find the procedure that is right for you!

There are steps, questions, and research that go into finding the right procedure for every patient. Most patients start their cosmetic and plastic surgery journey with an eye procedure. Why eyes? Because eyes are the window to the soul.

Since, many Koreans are born with monolids, they feel that their appearance is immediately seen as tired and old. Yet they want to have a youthful and expressive look, so they usually start with an eye procedure. Double eyelids are known as the standard of youthful beauty, so most patients latch themselves onto this standard.

But what if I told you that there is more to your eyes than just receiving double eyelids? What if I told you that double eyelids are not the only way to show youth and expression? Would you read further to find out your other options? I highly suggest you follow me through this article and find out about another type of eye procedure that could work for you.

ptosis correction

What Eye Shape Do You Possess?

The first important question to ask if what eye shape do you possess? Eye shape is the largest factor in determining the attractiveness of a person’s eyes. Sure, double eyelids help to open the eyes however, openness is achievable with monolids as well.

Many times, it is not about the shape of the eyelid, but the shape of the eye. Let’s take a look at some eye shapes and determine what would be the next best step.

For example, let’s say the patient wants double eyelid surgery because they feel that their eye shape is downturned and generally looks tired and they need to look more awake. They feel that changing their eyelid shape will do the trick, but perhaps it has nothing to do with the eyelid shape at all and has everything to do with the eye shape; specifically, the muscles within the eye shape.

If you get double eyelid surgery with weak eyelid muscles, then your eyes will still lack expression because the eyelid muscles can’t hold up the eyelid.

Ptosis Correction

In this case a ptosis correction procedure is necessary. Rather than work on the eyelids, ptosis correction procedure is chosen, specifically, to fix weak eye muscles. However, it is not a universal solution and must have a correct diagnosis.

This particular eye surgery requires an accurate diagnosis, so that our specialists can see how much work is necessary for a patient’s procedure and so that our specialists can choose what procedure is the most beneficial.

Ptosis Correction Methods

Patients have two options when it comes to ptosis correction:

Double-embedding method: designed by Banobagi senior director Dr. Park Sunjae, this method corrects the eye using thread strength and tissue adhesion, so to avoid incision. By double-embedding, the result will be a more natural eye shape, quicker recovery, and the procedure is quicker. If the eye muscles are too weak for double embedding, then a patient can undergo the second option.

Incision ptosis correction: This particular procedure is not favorable due to patients fear of incision and the untrue belief that post op swelling will negate the results of the procedure. When this procedure is done by a skillful specialist (which we have plenty of at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic) the results are more precise and ideal for a quicker recovery period.

The incision allows the specialist to see the muscles moving within the eye and choose a better point of fixation, so that the end result is expressive eyes that won’t lose their strength.

ptosis correction

Both methods focus on improving eye strength, so that eye shape overall can open up. Even a patient that possesses monolids can achieve an open, attractive, expressive results without having to receive double eyelid surgery. What the patient really needs is to open up their eye shape.

The way to measure the difference is pupil visibility.

What Is The Ideal Pupil Visibility and Why Is It Important?

The ideal amount of pupil visibility is 7 millimeters; from the bottom of the pupil to the top of the iris. There are three forms of ptosis:

  1. Mild hypertropia: Regular eye muscles allow the upper eyelids to open well, but the outer corners of the eyelids wilt over the pupil.
  2. Severe hypertropia: Eye muscles are normal and well, but the pupils linger upward and show a lot of lower eye exposure.
  3. Ptosis: The eye muscles are weak and slump over the entire eye creating a very tired and sleepy look.

All these forms of ptosis are not ideal because of the eye shape and not necessarily the eyelid shape. If the eyes muscles are not strong enough to keep the pupil visible, then the range of expression of a patient is sparse. With strong eye muscles comes a better range of expression that also brings attraction.

Eyes that are open, alert, and expressive are an important part of Korean beauty culture. They allow the face to open up and keep a certain amount of youth that is lost as age climbs. Banobagi takes in all standards of beauty while keeping a goal of natural results with a procedure that fits the patient’s needs.

ptosis correction

In Conclusion

Eye procedures are like every other procedure at Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic. Procedure choice is unique to each patient. While double eyelid surgery is very popular, it is not always necessary.

Our clinic has the ability to blend the wants and needs of a patient; so that the end result is a natural, beautiful look. Ptosis correction is one of many eye procedures the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic offers. To find out more click here.



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