Skincare Routine for Plastic Surgery Recovery

Skincare Routine for Plastic Surgery Recovery

The healing process from any intense operation is exhausting. During this period, it is important to pay close attention to skincare routine to help with faster plastic surgery recovery. In addition, keeping a healthy body and mentality is a significant step in this process. Moreover, it is advised that you consult your aesthetician or doctor for proper orientation.

Post surgery can feel like an uphill battle, but it doesn’t have to be. Thus, post-operation skincare plays a huge role in patient recovery. Here is our guide to help your healing process.


Avoid Makeup for at Least Three Days After Surgery. 

Skincare Routine for Plastic Surgery Recovery

You need to keep the skin hydrated. We recommend a mild or hypoallergenic cleanser that will help soothe the skin into recovery. By using this, it will combat red skin and prevent pigmentation, side effects that may arise post operation. 

Non-soap cleansers and fragrance-free moisturizers are also effective products to treat post-operative patients. The reason behind it is that it doesn’t clog pores and it helps rejuvenate the skin. 

Patients normally place one or two drops on a warm washcloth, and pat it on the skin. However, they should avoid scrubbing. Ultimately, stay away from products with chemicals because it will damage your skin. 

During this time, the top layer of the skin requires time to heal and grow strong. If you want to use makeup, doctors recommend mineral-based products because it is gentler. Keep in mind different skin types.

Baby Your Skin From Potential Damage

Maintenance is an important part of the recovery process. Think of it like exercise. Switching up the workout will promote muscle growth. In this case, skincare products and routine application will benefit your healthy skin. 

Afterall, the skin is the largest organ. Therefore, it needs to be protected, especially from sunlight during the first week after surgery. Doctors cannot stress enough for patients to avoid direct sunlight. Therefore, be extra generous with sunscreen. 

In the first few days after cosmetic surgery, a patient’s skin is extremely sensitive to heat rays. The exposure to sunlight potentially increases inflammation. Sunscreens with an SPF of 30 or 40 are sufficient and will block alpha and beta rays. Moreover, the benefits behind sunscreen is significant since it helps reduce the risk of skin cancer and helps with anti-aging. 

Furthermore, any higher rating of sunscreen will clog pores. This is not good, since pores need to remain open during recovery. If you don’t want to extend the healing process longer—don’t forget to apply sunscreen. 

Allow The Wound Healing Process to Take Its Course

Skincare Routine for Plastic Surgery Recovery

Apart from skincare treatments, it is essential that patients allow the wounds to heal. In efforts to speed the plastic surgery recovery, it is advised to avoid peeling or picking off scabs and dead skin. You could increase the risk of infection and scarring, as well as prolong the healing process. 

In addition, patients should apply a wet and warm washcloth to the area to help manage the bruising. Moreover, sleeping with your head elevated will also help decrease the swelling overnight. 

Lastly, hydrate! Regardless of procedure, drinking six to eight glasses of water daily will help your healing process. The skin needs to flush out all toxins, in order for it to rejuvenate into healthier skin. 

Cosmetic surgery is draining enough; therefore, it will benefit you to take extra measures to keep yourself hydrated and ready to function like your normal self.  

Recovery times vary from each patient. However, skincare maintenance will definitely help a patient begin to feel like themselves. The result is self-confidence and love for one’s image. Don’t overestimate the power behind regular cleansing, rest and skincare upkeep from post-surgical procedures, such as facelifts

Banobagi’s Rapid Healing Skin Care

Skincare Routine for Plastic Surgery Recovery

We have a treatment for post-operative patients to take advantage of—a skincare treatment that helps with quicker recovery through medications that combat bruises and edema. Therefore, it soothes the skin to heal faster after surgery. 

Banobagi’s Milk Thistle Recovery Line is our solution for postoperative care. The mixed ingredient cosmetic product is produced by Banobagi’s medical staff and contains elements that are safe and promote skin health.

“We were aware that after surgery or treatment, patients are concerned about their sensitive skin so we decided to focus and manufacture cosmetic products that are mild and effective in recovery.”

What the Milk Thistle Recovery products contain:

  • White Pattern Thistle Seed Extract – a strong antioxidant that removes skin toxin and improves soothing skin and whitening. 
  • Centella Extract/ Madecassoside – natural skin recovery from external factors
  • Burdock Root Extract – contains anti-inflammatory effects and soothes inflammation.
  • Copper Tripeptide-1 – vitalizes and improves healthy skin growth and contains strong anti-aging effects.

Furthermore, the Milk Thistle Recovery line has undergone several skin stimulating tests. It is a non-stimulating product and excludes 6 kinds of chemical ingredients such as paraben, benzophenone, triethanolamine, benzyl alcohol, sorbic acid, and benzoic acid.

In conclusion, it is obvious that skincare maintenance is a significant step in a faster recovery time. Let us help you get through your medical journey. Contact us today to learn more about how we can quicken the healing process.


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