Debunking Plastic Surgery Myths

Often cosmetic surgery procedures are seen as a negative thing. But what is more harmful is plastic surgery myths .

Plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are specialists and masters within their field. At the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we have over hundreds of thousands of procedures worth of experience. Over 20 specialists and many happy patients, our clinic is a good example of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery being a positive experience. However, we do understand that some of our patients may feel apprehensive when they approach us.

In general, surgical procedures and cosmetic procedures have a lot of negative stigma surrounding them. Patients tend to have very low first impressions. Itplastic surgery myths becomes our job to show them that they should not always believe what they read online.

We want you to feel at home with us because we are working  hard on making you feel at home with yourself.

This article goes through each myth and shows you what is the reality.

1. All doctors can successfully perform cosmetic or plastic surgery.

An important factor to consider is the amount of experience a specialist has under their belt. Keep in mind, that a plastic surgeon does not have to be board certified within this field to practice cosmetic or plastic surgery. This means any doctor that decides to dabble within the field can do this work.

When a doctor is board-certified, this means they have years and years of experience and knowledge on a specific field, so never be afraid to question the specialist you go to.  Do not go to anyone without doing a little research first. All of our doctors are specialists and certified to perform cosmetic/plastic surgery on our patients.

2. Plastic surgeons do not like patients that ask a lot of questions.

Take this myth and do a complete 180-degree turn. Any surgeon prefers an inquisitive patient. We do not want our patients to go into any type of procedure without knowing what it entails. The more questions they ask us, the better prepared we all are.


Never be afraid to question a specialist’s credentials. Our specialists at Banobagi are extremely proud of their experience and have no problem answering any questions a patient has.

We certainly will not be offended if a patient asks for credentials. We want to create a safe atmosphere for our patients. The more they try to do this alongside us the better the overall experience will be. Click here for five thought-provoking questions.

3. Only women get surgery.

Often, women are seen as the ONLY gender that frequently receives plastic surgery. The beauty standards for women are very particular and hold a huge strap around a woman’s self-confidence. Yes, a majority of patients are women. However, men also have beauty standards they must adhere to.

Generally, beauty standards for men can be harsh  Men must be ‘macho.  A harsh standard that has recently taken a big turn. Since the rise of the Hallyu wave, male K-pop idols are constantly changing the beauty standards for men all over the world; but especially for South Korean men.

Rather than conform to a traditionally strong look, men are starting to look into surgeries that allow them to emulate the ‘pretty boy’ personas of their favorite groups. At Banobagi, men choose to have a multitude of procedures such as rhinoplasty, facial contouring, and eyelid surgeries. This goes to show that plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery, are gender-neutral. Man, woman, person, no matter the gender fluidity, a procedure is done to enhance and improve.

Below is a before and after photo of one of our patients. Teddy received a face contour and nose procedure.

Plastic surgery myths
From left to right: Before and After

4. Plastic surgery is all about looks and attractiveness.

Many believe plastic surgery to be a shallow process. Only those that care about superficial looks and beauty get these procedures. But what many fail to realize is that physical insecurities are more than skin deep. When we work with our patients, we help them to create self-confidence that goes beyond the physical outcome.

For example, in a previous post concerning one of our patients that underwent a rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, it is obvious her procedure is subtle yet stunning. For the patient, Youngjoo, this procedure did not just fix her nose it also fixed a lot of insecurities she dealt with daily. While the procedure has a subtle change to her nose it makes all the difference for Youngjoo.

Yes, physical looks play an integral part in plastic surgery, however, we make sure the results are more than that. We make sure the results affect our patients on the inside too.

5. Plastic surgery can last a lifetime.

Of all plastic surgery myths, this one may be the easiest to pass as fact. This may be hard to believe, but plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery are not permanent solutions. Our ultimate goal is to create natural, beautiful results that our patients want and need. However, these results are not permanent they are a second chance for our patients.

That second chance involves a lot more than a surgical procedure. We always instruct our patients on how to take care of themselves after their procedure, but that is not all. Patients must take care of themselves in all aspects of life.

Imagine the inspiration a new surgical procedure serves. When you look the way, Plastic surgery mythsyou want to look, and you want to keep that look there are lifestyle decisions that have to be made.

Eat the right foods, exercise regularly, learn to love yourself, and do not allow any harmful or toxic aspects to take root in your life. Plastic surgery may not be a lifetime solution; however, we teach our patients to love themselves past their procedures.

In Conclusion

Plastic surgery is not an easy decision to make, however, it should be made with an informed mind. Do not believe everything you hear and never be afraid to reach out for a consultation.

We can’t escape plastic surgery myths; however, we can choose to be right in our way of thinking. How can we all be correctly informed? By clicking here and setting up a consultation with one of our specialists.

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