Plastic Surgery Maintenance: 5 Holistic Health Tips

Cosmetic surgery is a personal investment. As all investments go, investors want to see tangible returns. For most people, this profit appears in the form of boosted self-esteem. Their new confidence often leads to a more positive self-perception. In order to maintain this newfound happiness, it is important one maintains their results. Plastic surgery maintenance does not have to be difficult or pricey. Instead, it can be easy, affordable, fun and even tasty! While cosmetic surgery starts without, maintaining your results starts within. If you want to learn more, scroll below to find the 5 holistic health tips to help you maintain your cosmetic surgery results.   

5 Holistic Health Tips: How To Maintain Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

healthy foods for plastic surgery maintenance

1. Lean, Clean, & Eat More Greens!

Whether it’s a facelift, liposuction, or even a minor chemical peel, maintaining and more importantly, maximizing, your cosmetic surgery results starts with a healthy diet. Eating “clean” means eating more whole foods. There are endless reasons to eat clean. However, it is especially important for plastic surgery maintenance. Eating foods such as lean meats and colorful vegetables will lead to increased mood and energy levels. Additionally, eating clean is a big factor in managing a healthy body weight. This is especially important for liposuction recipients who need help with their post body upkeep. Another crucial aspect of eating clean is eating more leafy, green vegetables. Vegetables such as kale, spinach, and cabbage provide healing nutrients that will help speed up your recovery process. They also offer necessary antioxidants that improve skin elasticity, slowing down the aging process, a must have for facelift recipients.

2. Spice Up Your Life!

Contrary to popular belief, eating clean does not mean eating tasteless foods. Try incorporating spices into your healthy dishes! Along with flavor, the right spices add key nutrients perfect for plastic surgery maintenance. Ginger is a popular ingredient. Nutritionists and health enthusiasts constantly rave about ginger root and its benefits. Ginger is most renowned for its antiviral effects. It cleanses the lymphatic system by eliminating toxins. However, cosmetic surgery recipients will most appreciate its healing, anti-inflammatory properties. Try some ginger tea for post-op swelling. Regardless of what spice you choose, make sure you are bringing your new zest for life into your kitchen!

3. Exercise

Exercise is another key necessity for plastic surgery maintenance. So get up, get out, and get moving! Statistics show regular exercise can improve mood, energy levels, and reduce health issues. Liposuction recipients should invest in a regular exercise regime. This will help preserve their cosmetic surgery results by staving off the return of stubborn fat. Additionally, exercise is important for those who’ve had a facelift. It boosts skin health and skin elasticity, creating a more youthful glow and warding off any wrinkles or crow’s feet.

4. Skincare

Speaking of skin health, a consistent skincare routine will preserve cosmetic surgery results. This especially applies to facelift candidates. A medical professional can help you achieve your dream aesthetic. However, it is your responsibility for maintaining your look. Consider incorporating your healthy diet into your skincare regime. Natural foods such as avocados and cucumbers provide hydration to parched skin. With continued use, expect a luminous glow. This is important for plastic surgery maintenance, considering moisturized skin is healthy skin. Moisturized skin is also more resistant to signs of aging such as wrinkles and crow’s feet. So if you want to keep your younger, healthier looking skin make sure to invest in a natural skincare routine.

5. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a surprising factor in plastic surgery maintenance. Practicing mindfulness means being aware of the present moment. Meditation is a popular method of exercising mindfulness. Studies show meditation improves sleep quality along with reducing stress & anxiety. These are key ingredients for upholding cosmetic surgery results. Poor sleep and high anxiety is a contributing factor in weight gain, the enemy to liposuction recipients. Stress and anxiety also speed up skin’s aging process and leads to a decline in mood. Therefore, if you want to think, feel, and live your best life post-op, practice mindfulness.

Plastic surgery can give you the body of your dreams. Still, it’s your responsibility to keep that body. To maintain your cosmetic surgery results, try living a more holistic health-conscious life. This way you will feel as amazing as you look!

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