Patient Reviews Of Banobagi Procedures

The Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic has done over 10,000 procedures. 

That’s 10,000 procedures we have many happy patients that happily flaunt the results of one or many successful procedures. Patients that come to us generally undergo anywhere from one to three different procedures. 

When consulting with our patients we make sure we are looking out for their best interests by adhering to our philosophy. Banobagi is all about detail. We won’t recommend a patient does any procedure that they don’t need and we always look for what will benefit the patient and the hospital at all times.

Keep in mind, every procedure within this post has a common recovery time of, atleast, six months. The final result photos are taken after six months of recovery. With that being said, let’s take a look at some recent online patient reviews. 

Patient Review of Facial Contour Procedure

Our patient Chrissy’s procedure is facial contouring. Quick review of what the procedure includes. A facial contouring procedure is one that looks to create a beautiful natural face. 

We achieve this by making sure the facial proportions are symmetrical and correct. Facial proportions are unique to the patient and figured out through consultations between the patient and the specialist. 

patient reviews
From top to bottom & left to right. Before procedure. After procedure.


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We can see through the before and after photos that this patient’s facial structure has become more slender and, according to the patients friends, cute. Her cheeks to her chin is shaped in the form of a ‘v-line’ that is appropriate for her facial structure. Here is a link to Chrissy’s full online review and others. 

Patient Review of Eye Procedure

QuQu’s procedure is double eyelid surgery. This surgery is usually chosen by patients with monolids. The procedure, through incision or non-incision methods, creates a natural double crease in the eyelids. 

This double crease allows the eyes to look more expressive, young, and awake. Once again, the type of procedure necessary is determinable during the consultation stage. 

patient reviews
From left to right. Before procedure. After procedure.


patient reviews
Final result

Ququ’s eyes are noticeable bigger and her lid creases in a way that flatters her eye shape, while making her entire face open up with expression. Here is a link to Ququ’s full online review and others.

Patient Review of Breast Augmentation Procedure 

Shonny’s procedure is a breast augmentation. The procedure demands a lot of consultation time. There are many choices that the patient and specialist have to make so to end with the best results. From the type of procedure to implants, body type, and more. Breast augmentation is a serious procedure that needs constant patient feedback.

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patient reviews
Final result

As you can see in the before and after photos, Shonny’s breast augmentation is a success. Her breasts are even, voluminous, and proportionate to her body type. With time to recover, her gel implants became cohesive with her body and adopts a more natural look. Here is a link to Shonny’s full online review and others. 

In Conclusion

Banobagi performs a variety of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures. We pride ourselves in taking care of our patients at every step, especially during recovery. These are just three of many successful procedures that further strengthen our resolve to put our patients first. If you would like to learn more about the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic, visit our website and set up a consultation. 

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