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We are known as Korea’s Best Plastic Surgery Clinic and have been awarded by the government as Korea’s leading plastic surgery clinic.

For the last 18 years, we’ve performed surgery on over hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients.

We are dedicated to providing the best in Korean plastic surgery!

Banobagi Hosts Beauty Influencers For A Luxe Winter Night

On December 7th, we hosted an elegant night of beauty, education and networking in our wintery wonderland setting. Along with Motiva and SCS, we invited local beauty influencers. With the winter months rolling in, we only felt right to use Le Diamant Cheongdam as our social event backdrop. With the winter wonderland setting, we brought

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The Importance Of Recovery Time

Every procedure requires recovery time. Allowing the body to properly rest is how a patient will look their best.  When your body goes through any type of trauma it needs time to rebuild and repair. With all the work that goes into any procedure, we want to make sure our patients understand the importance of

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Dual Slim Procedure: Upper Body Slimming

What other options does a patient have when losing stubborn fat becomes difficult? Weight loss, in healthy ways, requires anyone to make permanent changes. Even when these changes are implemented, creating an aesthetically pleasing body shape takes time and patience. Once that happens, maybe patients need more help. Areas of the body will continue to

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3 Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

How can our patients maintain their weight loss procedures post-operation? Some lifestyle changes have to be made. Our clinic offers many body contouring options for patients, some procedures are: Whole-body liposuction Dual slim procedure Fat transplant Breast reduction and more Postoperative care is more than the prescriptions and mandatory checkups with our patients. We want

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