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We are known as Korea’s Best Plastic Surgery Clinic and have been awarded by the government as Korea’s leading plastic surgery clinic.

For the last 18 years, we’ve performed surgery on over hundreds of thousands of satisfied patients.

We are dedicated to providing the best in Korean plastic surgery!

Men Cosmetic Surgery Trends Worldwide

men cosmetic surgery

Men Cosmetic Surgery Trends Worldwide Plastic surgery among men is more common than you think. It is not taboo to see a man in a clinic to receive reconstructive surgery, tummy tuck, or male breast reduction. In fact, the data reveals that it’s ordinary for men to frequent cosmetic and plastic health centers. Men cosmetic

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Facial Contouring Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions


Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are daunting at first. With the right help, things are much easier. Facial contouring surgery  is generally a popular procedure among all patients, whether they are international or South Korean. Men and women come to Banobagi for this procedure for many reasons. Many people don’t know exactly what this surgery is,

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The Mental Change That Comes With Cosmetic Surgery

Why do patients choose to receive surgical procedures? What, aside from the physical change, comes with receiving plastic surgery? The views of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery differ in every part of the world. Many times, the distinct difference lies in money and social status. However, in South Korea, surgical procedures hold a different connotation.

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How Ulthera Ultrasound Technology Lifts Away Loose Skin

Most anti-aging procedures are minimally invasive but still require an incision. However, we have access to an original, non-invasive way of prolonging youth. Every human being wants to look young and youthful their entire life, but with life comes aging. When aging begins so does the process of wrinkles and droopiness. At Banobagi, we have

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