Men Cosmetic Surgery Trends Worldwide

Plastic surgery among men is more common than you think. It is not taboo to see a man in a clinic to receive reconstructive surgery, tummy tuck, or male breast reduction. In fact, the data reveals that it’s ordinary for men to frequent cosmetic and plastic health centers. Men cosmetic surgery is taking the world by storm as social and cultural factors change. 

Cosmetic surgical procedure attracts men of all ages. Male patients range from 18 to 64 years old; sometimes older. There is an increase of pressure on appearance. Therefore, men confront their aging sooner than ever. 

Social Media’s Impact on Men Affect Their Appearance

men cosmetic surgery

In a decade of digital platforms like social media and dating apps, the way you look is important. Snapchat and Instagram filters make it easy to reshape our faces. It’s now easier to control how people see you. 

In a HuffPost article about cosmetic surgery, Rebecca Zamon writes that “male and female millennials are now the fastest-growing demographic when it comes to getting face enhancements”. The reason behind this is that they are thinking early about how they will age. Now, men and women can visit a clinic to change their appearance in a snap of a finger. No more wrinkles, saggy skin, or hair loss. 


Social media plays a major part in why people step into a clinic in the first place. A lot of social networks are based on a person’s photographs and selfies. It’s a no brainer that men are paying close attention to maintaining their youth. They want to stay competitive in the dating and job market.

In addition, with divorce rates rising and older men back into the dating landscape, appearances need to be kept in check. 

Centers Specifically For Men

The feeling of looking young and great is universal. Although it is still a hush-hush subject for some men to say that they have had some treatment done, times are different. 

Moreover, plastic surgeons have opened male-only centers. So men can receive treatment without feeling embarrassed. In some cases, women are not allowed to see them until after their treatment. 

However, these male-only centers exist for a purpose. To treat specific men surgeries. 

Not all surgical procedures are treated equally. In fact, the procedure for a strong and refined masculine nose differs from a feminine nose. It takes the right surgeon that has experience performing procedures for men. Therefore, it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

These centers are popular for men who are insecure. It provides a comfortable space they feel confident in. Where there is no judgement. Most importantly, they feel safe that they are receiving the best treatment for their needs. 

What Procedures for Men are Getting Done

According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), they surveyed 618 men on why they were willing to go under the needle. The survey revealed that “44 percent of the men said they would have a treatment done to feel better about themselves, with 31 percent reporting a willingness to make a “fix” to please a partner.”

In a world where celebrities are young and there is a push to look fresh, men want to stay younger. Kpop idols and plastic surgery go hand-in-hand. Job markets want to hire a person who can relate to the new generation, a face that says age is just a number. Therefore, men are getting treatment done.


Men Cosmetic Surgery
Statistic for Cosmetic Surgery for Men – (ASAPS)

In the 2018 American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) review, it stated that the top five surgical procedures for men were liposuction, breast reduction, eyelid and nose surgery, and tummy tuck. Moreover, men received 17 percent of all neck lifts, 16 percent of all nose surgeries, and 15 percent of all eyelid surgeries in 2018.

The stigma behind cosmetic and plastic surgery is fading. Furthermore, men are getting the same kind of treatment as women now. In addition, Banobagi offers procedures for men like hair transplant, jaw and facial mass reduction, among others. Banobagi is the first choice for men cosmetic surgery.

Big Growth in the Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Industry 

Men Cosmetic Surgery

The global cosmetic surgery industry is anticipated to be a USD 21.97 billion business. People are no longer looking towards dieting and exercise, because of advanced cosmetic technologies. Now, complete face and body makeovers are accessible to anyone. 

Although the reasons for surgery aren’t that much different from each other, the rise of men cosmetic surgery continues to grow every year. It is no surprise that men are taking another look at their age and image. 

The cosmetic and plastic surgery industry is thriving. It boosts a country’s economy and contributes to the culture. In conclusion, this is an investment.  Contact us to learn more about our services. 


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