Maintain Liposuction Results in 2019: 4 Tips for the New Year, Better You

New Year, New You? Cliché, catchy, and the most used slogan at every year’s beginning. Many people seek to jumpstart the new year with a change in their appearance. While some opt for hair cuts or a wardrobe makeover, others turn to weight loss. A 2017 study noted that 45% of the American public listed “losing weight” as one of their top two New Year’s resolutions. To achieve this goal, many will shake up their diet or add exercise into their routines. Those looking for more assistance may seek surgical procedures like liposuction.  However, liposuction is not a weight loss tool or an overnight fix for weight-related issues. It takes hard work and discipline maintaining liposuction results. Nevertheless, that does not mean it can’t be done and even be fun. To find out more, scroll below to learn 4 ways to maintain liposuction results in 2019.


4 Tips to Maintain Liposuction Results in 2019

1. Forget Motivation; Build Discipline for Maintaining Liposuction Results

The most important step in maintaining liposuction results is building discipline. Exercising and eating a healthy, balanced diet will ensure your liposuction results last. Not only will they ensure your results last, but they will improve its quality. Many people search for inspiring videos, podcasts, and audiobooks to find motivation for their lifestyle changes. However, instead of seeking motivation, you should look to build discipline. Motivation is determined by emotions and therefore, subject to change. Discipline is what remains despite your feelings. So practice honing in on your discipline skills. Start with small changes. If you wake up at 7 AM, set your alarm for 6:45. Once you’ve mastered waking up at 6:45, wake up at 6:30. For iPhone users, utilize your phone’s screen time feature to set distraction free windows for getting your work done, or a workout! It’s small changes that make (and maintain) long-term changes. Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint. Run accordingly.

2. Boost the Fun Factor

Some might find maintaining liposuction results daunting. Many have never had their post op body. Consequently, thy have no idea how to keep it! They know diet and exercise is essential, but what exercises and what foods? Instead of dwelling on these anxieties, you should focus on the potential fun factors. Exercise is not just mindlessly walking on the treadmill for hour(s). A healthy diet is not eating just brussel sprouts and a bowl of lettuce. Exercise is taking Zumba classes with your best girlfriends or taking your best fur friend for a walk in the park or a hike along a nearby trail. A healthy diet can include delicious fruit smoothies and nutrient dense stir-fries. The key to maintaining liposuction results, and your sanity in life, is to find the things you actually like to do. Find the fun. Sometimes we have to do what we have to, despite how we feel. Hence our need for discipline. However, until you’ve built up this trait, it’s important to do what makes you feel good.


3. Mini Goals & Matching Rewards

One way to increase the “fun factor” in your lifestyle changes are creating mini goals and matching rewards for when you meet said goals. When striving towards our goals we can either make the mistake of over treating or under treating ourselves. This most commonly happens when our goals are weight and fitness related. Let’s say you get on the scale and it’s finally happened, you’ve lost that last pound and that makes ten overall. Our initial reaction might be to celebrate by treating ourselves to a round of bottomless fries or a quarter pounder.

On the flip side, some of us may lose the ten pounds and cut back on our diet even more so to expedite the weight-loss process. Results can be quite motivating. However, when maintaining liposuction results, it’s important to have balance. Your goals should be on par with your rewards. Instead of getting that quarter pounder or totally eliminating all cheat meals, why not celebrate with a new pair of shoes or some figure hugging jeans. If you want to cut material goods out of your reward, try celebrating meeting your goals with an in home self-care day or that book on the shelf you’ve been meaning to get to. Whatever you choose, make sure your goals and their rewards are helping you be the better you in the new year.

4. New Year, Better You

As previously mentioned, we all love chanting “new year, new me” at the beginning of each January. However, it’s time to leave the mantra behind. You have one mind, one body, one you. So while it’s catchy and perhaps add a refreshing outlook on your future, it’s important to realize that who you are is who you are and that person is enough. Instead, take up the slogan, “new year, better you”. This removes the burden of a complete overhaul of personality and self-essence. Seek to make smaller changes with a focus on improving the person who already exists. 

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