Liposuction in South Korea…Here’s What You Need To Know

What is liposuction? How much does it cost? Where should I go for the best results?  These are commonly asked questions for those interested in this fat loss procedure.  At first, it can all be quite overwhelming. However, if you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. Liposuction involves several factors. It is performed in thousands of nations across the globe. Nevertheless, we are going to discuss liposuction in South Korea and why it’s so popular. South Korea is the current plastic surgery mecca. Around the world, people are flocking to the land of the morning calm for their cosmetic procedures. Liposuction ranks at the top of this list. Do you want to learn more about this procedure? Do you want to know why its popular in the South Korean plastic surgery industry? Then keep reading!


Liposuction in South Korea

Liposuction in South Korea…Here’s What You Need to Know

1. What Is Liposuction?

Simply put, liposuction removes the stubborn body fat that diet and exercise just can’t seem to kick. This procedure generally targets the hips, abdomen, and thighs. These areas are notorious for clinging on to excess fat. The arms, back, or face are other common candidates for this procedure. Other operations such as breast reductions and tummy tucks fall under this operation’s umbrella. Liposuction can effectively supplement a weight loss program.

However, it should not and cannot replace a weight loss program. The best liposuction results are in partnership with a healthy, active lifestyle. If you are considering undergoing this operation, it’s important to note this is not a maintenance-free journey. It takes the recipient conscious effort to expand their results’ life expectancy. Yes, there’s upkeep involved in this procedure. Still, it is popular for its ability to boost body confidence and overall levels of self esteem.

liposuction in south korea

2. Why Should I Have Liposuction in South Korea?

You understand the basic ins and outs of liposuction. However, you may be wondering why should I have liposuction in South Korea? Good question. Let’s talk about it. South Korea is renowned for K-pop artists such as BTS and Apink. As previously mentioned, the nation is also a heavy hitter in the beauty industry. Everyone is jumping on the K-beauty wagon. Many are seeking “glass skin” through their popular ten step skincare routine. However, you may not know, South Korea is not just home to boy bands and sheet masks. The nation is a leader in medical tourism.

In 2017, over 300,000 tourists traveled to South Korea for cosmetic procedures. South Korea provides first-class healthcare for an affordable price.  This includes plastic surgery clinics. These clinics are known for their advanced technology and highly trained surgeons. This combination results in higher satisfaction rates for clients and quicker recovery speeds in post operation. Do you want high quality plastic surgery procedures without paying an arm and a leg? If so, come to South Korea!

3. Am I The Right Candidate For Liposuction in South Korea?

You’ve learned what liposuction is and where to go get it. Let’s discuss whether or not you’re an optimal candidate for this procedure. Earlier, we covered how liposuction is not a weight loss program. It should only be used to compliment a healthy diet and lifestyle. You may be wondering whether or not to undergo this treatment. If so, understand that your weight pre and post op will not drastically change. Nonetheless, there are other important factors to consider before opting for liposuction. First, you should know that this procedure will not eliminate cellulite or stretch marks. While there are treatments available to help minimize these effects, learn to love your lumps, bumps, and tiger stripes!

Additionally, liposuction will not repair loose or sagging skin. Ideal candidates are those with good skin firmness and elasticity. Lastly, for liposuction and any other cosmetic treatment, you should be a fairly healthy individual. A good candidate is not one who suffers from severe health-related illnesses. Illnesses can slow down or obstruct the healing process. In worst case scenarios, they can even worsen after surgery. Smokers are also discouraged from undergoing this procedure. Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, it’s important to have an honest consultation with your medical professional. It’s great being a perfect match for liposuction. However, this means very little without the proper surgeon. When choosing plastic surgery, make sure to find a board-certified physician. Your surgeon should be highly skilled in their industry. Also, they should be honest, kind, and understanding of your needs.

3. Liposuction in South Korea: So What’s The Cost?

We’ve covered the what, where, and why. It’s time to talk about the price. Liposuction in South Korea might seem like a daunting, expensive task. However, as earlier mentioned, South Korea is the go-to destination for medical tourists. South Korean healthcare is top notch. Also, many recipients find it more affordable than its Western counterparts. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons states liposuction costs roughly $3,000-$4,000 in the United States. However, this number is subject to change when traveling overseas. A clinic’s financial plans will be the main determinant of price variations. More established and “famous” physicians might charge a steeper bill. Other charges include anesthesia, pre and post-op medications, and the hospital’s facility costs. When choosing a clinic, ensure you go over all payment options to guarantee you are getting your bang for your buck. Liposuction in South Korea is known for providing clients quality results at an affordable price.

I’m In. So What Now?

Liposuction can be a life-changing procedure with long-term effects. Many recipients find a new sense of confidence following their treatment. This boost in self-esteem gives them the freedom to wear that two-piece bikini. Or maybe they’ll pull out those old skinny jeans in the back of the closet. For some, this new found confidence can even lead to opening businesses and following other dreams they had placed on the backburner. If you are one of these individuals who want to take back control of their lives through their bodies, then liposuction might be your best choice. If you want to learn more about this procedure please contact us here.

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