Korean Eye Surgery: The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

Korean Eye Surgery: The Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery

South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. Known for holding the highest rates of cosmetic surgeries per capita, South Korea offers many popular beauty enhancing techniques. One of these popular procedures is eye surgery.

Korean eye surgery provides several benefits to individuals that are in search of restoring their overall eye appearance. As we age, the muscle and skin around our eye weakens and can cause it to sag.

Some of the results that occur after these procedures include brighter eyes or a naturally refreshed look. It also gives access to a wider gaze, creating a more youthful look. This is very beneficial to individuals seeking new employment opportunities or impressing that first date. Besides the obvious physical enhancements, eye surgery in South Korea is the key to unlocking the highest levels of self-confidence.

Continue reading to discover the four most common highly valued eye procedures performed in South Korea.

The Four Most Popular Korean Eye Surgeries

  1. Blepharoplasty: The purpose of this surgery is to restore the look of droopy eyelids or heavy bags under the eyes. Surgeons  remove or redistribute extra fat or skin by creating incisions on the fold of the eyelid, or on the natural crease. It creates an overall alert and rejuvenated look.
  2. Double Eyelid Surgery: Is another type of blepharoplasty surgery. In this eye surgery, however, the goal is to add creases to your eyelid. Adding creases means a brighter, rounder eye which in turn results to a more attractive look. This eye surgery can help boost self-confidence and assist an individual socially and professionally.
  3. Ptosis correction: The eyelid height is the main area of interest in this surgical procedure. This refers to the position of where the upper eyelid actually rests. Ptosis correction strengthens the eye muscles which helps in creating a spacious eye shape. The strengthening of the eye muscle is also really important because it reduces the birth of wrinkles.
  4. Lateral Canthoplasty: This surgery focuses on an individuals’ eye slant. By lengthening the eyes, it becomes responsible for creating that natural “almond” shape. It is also beneficial to restoring and strengthening eyelid function.

Next, let’s discuss the results and the recovery process after undergoing a South Korean eye surgery.

Korea Eye Surgery: Results and Recovery Process

In each eye surgery treatment discussed above, the eyes are altered in the way an individuals’ desires based on specific needs. As with any kind of procedure, the results differ among each candidate. But, the overall shared result is to create a more attractive eye space.

Each procedure is performed in an outpatient setting meaning patients are able to go home the same day. Ptosis correction is just one of the South Korean eye surgeries that lasts only thirty minutes. Other eye surgeries can take up to two hours to complete.

The entire recovery process for each procedure can last up to two weeks. This includes the removal of stitches through a follow-up visit.

Patients have reported a natural and soft eye shape. Also, results have included a brighter look and the ability to make the eyes look clearer.

What are some necessary steps to take when consulting for South Korean eye surgery? Let’s find out.

Steps to Take Prior to Korean Eye Surgery

As with trying any other new treatment or beauty technique, research is always key.

First, you must understand what defect that requires to be corrected. This means obtaining a specialist that can determine what surgery is appropriate. This prevents from any unnecessary additional surgical work to occur.

A specialist should examine your past medical history and your current expectations. They should also perform physical and vision exams to thoroughly assess your eyes. Pictures from different angles of your eyes can also assist in determining the correct solution. It can help with planning the actual surgery and assess any prior risks.

It is crucial for you to have an expert to fully assess your diagnosis. Make sure you conduct the necessary research prior to any type of eye surgery.


In conclusion, Korean eye surgery is the solution for sagging skin that is threatening to make you look older. Not only does bright eyes make you appear well rested, but it also presents with a more natural, youthful appearance.

These  techniques are perfect for creating and upholding the beauty standards that an individual seeks. The shorter recovery also creates procedures to be completed simultaneously. This is especially beneficial for patients who require two procedures at once for extensive work.

A new recommendation like South Korean eye surgery can correct years of defect in a mere moment.

South Korea has continued to prove itself through its popular beauty techniques.

Waste no time and fight against gravity by turning towards the highly valued eye surgeries that South Korea has to offer.


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