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What are the trending Korean Beautiful Faces?

As the market for cosmetic surgery increases, trends do as well. Kpop idols and celebrities set the beauty standards for male and female patients. Therefore, what is considered as Korean beautiful faces differs from generation to generation. 

Kpop music and Korean drama play a huge role in how people look at attractiveness. It is very common for patients to ask a plastic surgeon in clinics, “I want to look like this person”. Moreover, there is this expectation to look beautiful and perfect. It’s not surprising, since Korea’s soft power is greatly influencing other countries’ perspectives on beauty. 

Korea continues to be one of the world’s best places to receive cosmetic plastic surgery. The most in vogue surgeries are double eyelid, rhinoplasty, and facial contouring. One can even argue dental braces are a type of cosmetic surgery. 

Furthermore, men and women want to wake up every morning confident about their looks. In the digital age of social media, first impressions and how you look is important. This also applies to job advancement, not just dating. 

In an episode of Radio Star, a South Korean talk show, actress Hong Soo Ah told the interviewers that she had surgery done so she could be casted in different roles. She stated, “I always felt that I was being limited as an actor. I was always playing these lighthearted, playful, youngest daughter-like roles. But I wanted access to a wider range of roles, and to play characters with more depth.”

Whatever the reason, either it is to cover a birth defect or have a tummy tuck—it is all about feeling good about one’s self. 

We have come up with a list of Korea’s trendiest faces for patients, divided between male and female celebrities.

Popular Female Faces for Cosmetic Surgery

Every year patients come in with pictures of celebrities they hope to look like. Popular trends of who is the most beautiful celebrity is never the same. Furthermore, here is a list of what female patients ask their surgeons to refer to. Here are some Korean beautiful faces for women:

  • BlackPink’s Jennie

KBeauty’s Trendiest Faces for Patients

Kpop has taken over the world by a storm and BlackPink is at the forefront of what is hot. Jennie is charismatic and beautiful. Her facial expressions are intense, elegant and cute. Although Jennie’s eyes are naturally double lidded, it looks closer to common Asian eyes. 

Moreover, the new trend is to look more defined, yet still keep a natural Asian look. Many patients desire to give off a similar Jennie vibe. Therefore, her face is in high demand. 

  • Girls Generation’s Yoona

Yoona is a popular choice among patients because she has a traditional South Korean beauty . Apparently, Yoona’s double eyelids and sharp, pointy nose are highly desirable among patients. Her name echoes in the conversations of Korea’s most attractive actresses. 

  • Red Velvet’s Irene 

Irene continues to be voted as the most beautiful idol. It’s no surprise that people seek clinics to help them achieve their beauty goals to look similar to Irene. Many patients desire to have the same features as she, because of her symmetrical eyes, mouth, and nose.

  • Shin YeEun

The JYP Entertainment actress appears in multiple music videos, as well as popular web drama series, ATeen. Female patients choose Shin YeEun because her face gives a natural, fresh and beautiful look. Sources suggest that she will continue to be a popular choice in plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics.

Popular Male Faces for Cosmetic Surgery

It is now becoming more common for men to enter plastic surgery clinics. Men want to look just as beautiful as women, and look towards Kpop idols and celebrities as the beauty standards. Like women, men patients want to appear more feminine, but still keep masculine traits. 

Therefore, facial and body contour, rhinoplasty, and eyelid surgery are in demand. Dr Lee Hyun-taek, a head surgeon and founder of our clinic, tells the South China Morning Post that “for men, we have a similar concept, ‘jimsung-dol’ which means ‘monster idol’; a young, cute-looking guy with a very muscular and toned body shape.” This concept is especially popular among men who desire to change their looks. 

 Furthermore, here is a list of Korean beautiful faces that male patients ask their surgeons to emulate. In no particular order:

  • BTS’ Jimin

KBeauty’s Trendiest Faces for Patients
Jimin is a popular choice for men because he represents the masculine, yet feminine vibe that appeals to patients. His cute-looking face, mixed with his toned jawline is what girls swoon over. Therefore, he is often referred to for both Korean and international clients.

  • Shinee’s Taemin

KBeauty’s Trendiest Faces for Patients 

Taemin is another perfect example of “jimsung-dol”. His face has feminine qualities to it, but holds a masculine vibe as well. Women have voted him to be one of Korea’s sexiest men. Many male patients look towards the Kpop  idol for inspiration on how they want to reinvent their look. 

  • EXO’s Sehun

KBeauty’s Trendiest Faces for Patients

Patients have said that Exo’s Sehun has a fresh and traditional Korean male look. His beauty exudes beyond his performance as an idol, and women go crazy for it. Male patients drop his name in clinics in hope to obtain the same kind of masculine and sensitive energy. His nose, eyes and lips give a natural look that patients desire. 

In conclusion, Korean beauty is always changing as time progress. We will help patients achieve their beauty goals. It is obvious that cosmetic patients are looking to keep their natural Asian features, but also hope to define areas of their face that can make them more beautiful. Contact us today to get a consultation.


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