5 Ways K-pop And Cosmetic Surgery Are Connected


K-pop and cosmetic surgery are shaking the world’s table. Popular bands like BTS and BLACKPINK are adored for their strong vocals and choreography. However, it’s their distinct appearance fans most desire. Despite attempts otherwise, the cat’s out the bag. This image is commonly a result of plastic surgery. Fans are flooding clinics to get their idols’ look. Consequently, medical professionals must constantly train and innovate to supply their demand. If you want to learn more, scroll below for the 5 ways K-pop is influencing cosmetic surgery.


kpop and cosmetic surgery

K-pop and Cosmetic Surgery: Aesthetic Standards

1. Double Eyelid

Blepharoplasty, better known as “double eyelid surgery,” is one of, if not the, most popular Korean cosmetic surgery. It is also very controversial. It involves reshaping the skin surrounding the eye so that a crease is created. Recipients have been accused of undergoing this procedure to look more “Western”. However, K-pop stars are highly influential in creating buzz around this procedure. Many celebrities have gone on record not only admitting to but praising this simple operation. Especially, female pop stars who love the bolder makeup looks the extra lid space offers.

2. The Oval Shape

Shifting from the Euro-centric look comes the “oval face” craze. This aesthetic is distinct to Korean culture and lauded by K-pop fans. While everyone wants a slimmer appearance, this look kicks it up a notch. To achieve this look, surgeons shave down the patient’s chin to create a pointy, elfin-eared effect. This procedure is known as “v-line” surgery.

3. The “V-Line”

V-line surgery is a highly sought after procedure. In the hands of a skilled professional, it can create one of Korea’s most desirable looks. This look is in stark contrast to the Western standard. The European, and particularly the American, the focus is enhancement. Go big or go back to your surgeon. The v-line aesthetic represents Korea’s appeal for minimalism in appearance. A smaller nose, jawline, and ultimately facial shape exudes a youthful image. K-pop celebrities are partially responsible for popularizing this look amongst the masses. Anime is the other main culprit.

4. Anime

Have you ever wondered who celebrities look to for image consulting? In K-pop, it’s not just fancy stylists or management teams. Just like their fans, they turn to their favorite anime stars. Anime is a big draw due to its freedom of expression and imagination. It provides a realm in which the consumer can escape Korea’s fast-paced lifestyle. Along with the pointed jawlines earlier mentioned, its characters are known for their dainty, high noses. Both fans and celebrities often undergo precise rhinoplasties to obtain this look. The closer one resembles these dream-like characters, perhaps the closer one is to live in their dream worlds.

5. Success

Surprisingly, K-pop’s greatest influence on cosmetic surgery has nothing to do with their physical image. It is their massive success. The genre has been a domestic smash for many years. However, its becoming a global phenomenon. Last year, BTS was listed as one of the most “influential people on the internet” and their fame has not stopped spreading. In an overly competitive market like Korea, it’s tough to “make it.” Nevertheless, K-pop artists have taught their fans to be and believe in themselves. And yet, if one needs some help feeling more confident, there are hundreds of world renown cosmetic surgeons eager to provide that extra boost.

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