K-Beauty: The Essential 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

Do You Want to Know How Koreans Achieve  Flawless Skin? 

Korean SkincareWhen you are binge-watching a new season of Korea drama, the actors and actress never fail to have perfect skin. They emphasize the diligence towards smooth, clear, radiant, and white as snow skin despite their age. If we can share some secrets towards making your skin a little better, why not? When you are exhausted, so is your skin. Stress can combat aging and that is not what we want. Growing up, Korean parents have taught their kids at a young age to start caring for their skin with beauty products. Soko Glam has curated the infamous 10 step Korean skincare routine to help you achieve radiant skin. Let’s begin! 

1/2. Double cleanse 

The first and possibly most important step in Korean skincare is properly cleaning your skin. Korean women take pride in double cleansing, especially if they wear makeup. They start with an oil based cleanser to remove the first layer of debris. Then moving on to water-based cleansers, they tend to go towards products that are foam-based because they provide a soft and gentle touch. The water-based foam cleanser removes any impurities from your face such as sweat and dirt. 

3. Exfoliate 

Physical and chemical exfoliators attack pores and dead skin cells in the fine lines and surface of the skin. Exfoliating about two times a week will leave you with brighter and smoother skin. Now that your face is squeaky clean, let’s move on!

4. Toner

Korean SkincareAfter cleansing, you want to allow product to absorb back into the skin with toner. Toner helps balance out your PH levels and preps the skin to absorb the following products.

5. Essence 

Snail essence is a tpye of essence that very popular in Korean beauty. In general, they help repair your skin in areas that have dry patches and hyperpigmentation. They are made of concentrated ingredients that help with hydration, anti-aging, and complexion concerns.  

6. Serum 

A serum is a more concentrated version of essence that directly treats skin concerns with active ingredients. They have many specific formulas that target different skin concerns. Some provide moisture and hydration, brightens and evens out your skin tone, and target acne.  

7. Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are not required to be used every night. They are recommended to be applied once every 2-3 days. Don’t let the mask sit on your face for too long, let the serum from the mask absorb into your skin for 10-15 minutes. If you leave it on your skin for too long, as the sheet is dries out, it will start removing moisture from your skin. 

8. Eye Cream

Korean SkincareThe skin around the eyes is the most delicate. Apply the product with a tapping motion in the areas that would tend to be dry or have wrinkles. You want to focus the hydration in those areas because they can form dark circles, puffiness, and crow’s feet as you age.

9. Moisturizer 

Moisturizer will lock in all the products listed above and keep your face hydrated and smooth while you are resting. There are many options in this category such as cream or gel formula. You can find one that will fit your needs if you have sensitive skin. 

10. Sun Block 

Koreans like to use a lot of sunscreen starting at a young age due to the harmful UV rays. Korean beauty brands have even implemented it into their makeup which is why Koreans tend to reapply. Almost all Korean beauty brands include SPF and PA +++. For sunscreen to be effective, it needs to be applied repeatedly as often as every two hours. Applying sunscreen will protect you from unwanted wrinkles and sunspots.


Now that you know the benefits of the 10-step routine in Korean skincare, start implementing them in your skincare regime day and night. The Korean culture is very encouraging among cosmetic enhancements and all things beauty related. Keep in mind this 10 step skincare routine is not for everyone. Every skin type is different, due to the sensitivity towards products on your skin, you may get different results. If you are at a mature age, this routine may not be beneficial towards the results you are seeking. Consult with our team for more vigorous enhancements such as a facelift for your skin type. 


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