Hair Transplant Korea: Beginner’s Guide

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South Korea is hands down the number one destination to indulge in the finest cosmetic surgical procedures. Among these popular cosmetic procedures, they are also responsible for producing powerful hair transplants. Hair transplants in Korea have been consistently studied and researched, making them the elite innovators for hair restoration. Say goodbye to temporary hair fixes and redirect your focus on a more permanent hair loss solution.

Continue reading to grasp how we give birth to natural, sophisticated results through our uniquely designed hair procedures.

What is a Hair Transplant?

As we continue to age, our body undergoes rapid changes that aren’t always ideal. For example, hair loss is a shared common trait between men and women that threaten to diminish our youth.Hair Transplant Korea-4

Hair loss can effect three distinct areas in an individual:

  • Frontal region
  • Crown
  • Top of the head

A hair transplant attacks the hair loss process by moving hair you already have to fill in areas that are thinning or balding. For many people, the transplant brings a fuller head of hair and also a new found confidence.

Hair Transplant: How does it work?

As with any cosmetic procedure, an initial consultation is vital through a board certified plastic surgeon.  Then, the surgeon should thoroughly examine a patient’s scalp. Hair loss can be caused by several different factors which makes it important for your doctor to determine the root of the problem, and designing a plan that meets your needs and expectations.

Additionally, every individual has a different type hair condition, thickness and density. After being accurately diagnosed through our experienced specialists, they are then equipped to create a natural, fuller result.Hair Transplant Korea-6

Hair transplant is responsible for transplanting the actual hair follicles, not the hair. In an outpatient setting, local anesthesia is used for follicular unit extraction or FUE. Next, the plastic surgeon shaves the back of your scalp and begins to remove hair follicles one by one. Then, the surgeon uses tiny micro blades or small needles to create holes for receiving grafts. Lastly, your doctor places the hair follicles gracefully and delicately into the slits that were created. This entire process can easily be complete in four to eight hours, depending on how extensive the paHair Transplant Korea-3tient’s procedure is.

The hair you deserve is available to you after just one procedure, as well as the recovery process being attractively minimal. Let’s discuss in further details the standard results that occur after our expert hair transplant procedures.

Results & Side Effects: What to Expect

After the procedure is complete, you can expect to feel some tenderness and swelling in the area of your scalp that has been treated. Bandages over your scalp will be worn for 1 to 2 days, as prescribed by your surgeon. To minimize the swelling and any additional pain that will result after surgery, pain medications and anti-inflammatory pills will be prescribed as well. Patients can expect to return to normal activities as early as 5 to 7 days after the transplant.Hair Transplant Korea-5

Our Korean clinic is expertly trained to handle post-operative treatments after . Scalp treatment after surgery is the most important part of this procedure to maintain the natural results. Not only do we have years of training in this area, but we also offer stem-cell treatment by using stem-cell extraction and separation procedures done at our in-house stem cell center. The use of stem cells after a hair transplant procedure speeds up the recovery process by constantly working to reverse damaged tissues.


The reason hair transplant in Korea procedures is so popular is that every little single detail is considered when planning for surgery. Our skillful and experienced surgeons consider individual facial shape and balance when customizing your ideal look. This means your best result lies in the hands of specialists that communicate with patients effectively to achieve the agreed desired look.

We are also experts in the hair transplant field simply because we continuously study and research how to achieve natural results, and how to maintain them.

Ditch the temporary hair restoration techniques and schedule a consultation with us today. The most natural, sophisticated and safe results await you!





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