Frequently Asked Questions: Blepharoplasty Revision Surgery

Sometimes eye surgeries do not always go as planned. When mistakes happen, how do we fix them? How do we rectify a patient’s worries and anxieties?

Botched procedures happen daily, and we work to rectify those procedures and the confidence level of our patients. Plastic and cosmetic surgery is a positive experience, so when a patient feels the opposite way, we work to bring them back to that positive mindset. Cosmetic procedures done to the eyes are the most common, which is why blepharoplasty is necessary revision surgery.

Revision surgery can be the second chance a patient needs. With this in mind, let’s start with a simple question.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a revision surgery specific to the eyes. A patient could need revision surgery for many reasons. Perhaps they are not happy with the results of a previous procedure, they experienced a trauma that has left their eyes in an unpleasing state, or maybe a patient has experienced all the above.

Every situation is very personal and is treatable with the right attention to detail. Here at Banobagi, we pride ourselves in attention to detail; so much so that our specialists also call themselves Detailists. We have gone over general reasons that a patient can qualify for a blepharoplasty, so now let us dive a little deeper.

Why Does Revision Surgery Seem Negative?

Revision surgery generally has a negative stigma. Many times, patients believe that if the first procedure did not work out, why would a second procedure work. Also, patients worry that the second procedure will further damage their bodies.

The best way to answer this stigma is by proving it wrong. An action Banobagi specialists are doing every day. Cosmetic procedures are usually the most botched procedures.

Revision surgery
From left to right: Before and after photos of corrected eyes. Screenshot of

What Should A Patient Know When Considering A Blepharoplasty?

Eyes are a huge staple in South Korean beauty standards. The eyes hold all basic emotions that go happen within the face. They also help people to be expressive in their emotions. Many South Koreans believe that eyes that are dropped down, shaped incorrectly, or lacking in muscle take away from a person’s ability to be expressive and ultimately lessens their ability to succeed in all areas of life.

For this reason, patients usually opt for a double eyelid surgery, one of the most popular procedures done in South Korea and done at Banobagi. A double eyelid pulls the lid back and allows more of the eye to be seen, however, this procedure would be useless if the muscles within the eyelid are weak.

Imagine a patient gets double eyelid surgery, they recover and have that beautiful middle crease on their lid, but their lid still covers a significant amount of their eye; thus, losing a large amount of expressive emotion. Droopy eyelids are not the goal. Now the patient must recover from this procedure and they do not feel that they are given the results they want.

Revision surgery
An honest, in-depth consultation is key to a successful procedure. Screenshot of

Trust is broken and now we must rectify the situation. This can be done by properly educating the patient during the consultation.

We have to remove the stereotype behind the double eyelid. Every patient will have different possibilities. The ultimate goal is to achieve a beautiful, natural look. Click here to read up on some great questions to ask during consultations.

In Conclusion

Revision surgery is perhaps the most nerve-wracking of all procedures. Having another procedure because of a mistake in a previous one breaks a patient’s trust. Mistakes can always be corrected, but we have to earn back our patient’s trust first.

Our end goal during a blepharoplasty is to give a patient what they want. They want eyes that are natural, expressive, and long-lasting. When we are done with revising any mistakes made in the past, we allow our patients to look toward a brighter future.

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