Facial Contouring Surgery: Frequently Asked Questions

Plastic and cosmetic surgeries are daunting at first. With the right help, things are much easier.

Facial contouring surgery  is generally a popular procedure among all patients, whether they are international or South Korean. Men and women come to Banobagi for this procedure for many reasons. Many people don’t know exactly what this surgery is, so we are here to inform you.  Please read below to answer any questions you may have about facial contouring surgery.

Facial Contouring Surgery Overview

Let’s start with a quick recap of the procedures that are available at our clinic. Within the area of facial contouring, patients can have the following procedures:

  • Square Jaw Reduction which is forming a jawline that is generally smaller and rounder through a one-time procedure.
  • Zygomatic Reconstruction which is cheekbone reconstruction through relocating the cheekbone. 
  • Genioplasty which is cheekbone enhancement through an incision method that 

The procedures above can be done alongside each other or paired with other cosmetic procedures to accentuate the results of the facial contour. With every new experience comes questions. Let’s start with a simple, yet important, question.

Facial ContourWhat Does Contour Mean?

Contour is to mold into a general shape or structure, especially when fitting into something else. Like a piece of clay ready to be made into art, patients come to our clinic and expect authentic, successful results. 

While the definition above uses the phrase general shape or structure, we at Banobagi understand that every patient is specific. While the procedures are done with consistency and precision, they are done with individual results in mind. Every patient’s face is a work of art and at Banobagi we see how beautiful that art is. We can also see how beautiful that art can be in the future. 

What Is The Goal Of Facial Contouring? 

At Banobagi we want to achieve a beautiful face by giving the patient’s face correct, symmetrical proportions. We create this goal through in-depth study of the patient’s facial structure, understanding the need for attention to detail during the procedure, and anticipating the aftereffects the procedure will have on the muscles and bones. 

A lot goes into the end results. We always have patients that come back to us with amazing stories and happier lives. At the end of it all, we want to make sure our patients feel like their best selves. This also means looking out for the patient’s best interests. 

Facial Contour
From left to right. Before and after of our patient QuQu after her facial contour procedure.

Which Face Shape Is Most Attractive?

When patients request a facial contour procedure they generally do so with a particular facial shape in mind; the ‘V’ shape. The ‘V’ shape is when the jawline is small, round and makes the shape of the letter V; starting from the bottom of the chip rounding up to the middle of the face. Most patients see this facial structure and immediately feel that it is necessary for optimal beauty.

We at Banobagi do not believe in just giving the patient what they feel is right for them. Through careful analysis and constant consultation our specialists are able to find what really makes every patient look their best. Perhaps some patients have the facial structure for a natural ‘V’ line, but this does not suit everyone. There is nothing wrong with having a different facial structure.       

A common mistake in patient education is to believe that there is only one type of beauty. That’s not necessarily true. For some patients, a face that holds more angles than round parts would do better with a smaller, but still angular face. 

How Does Facial Contouring Change The Face?

Common concerns for the post op experience are the following:

  •     Will my face be swollen for a long time?
  •     When does the scarring go away?
  •     What if I am not happy with my results?

Overall, facial contouring molds the face into a beautiful work of art. Remember, we do not start with nothing. We take our patients natural beauty and simply enhance it.

We are thorough in every step of the process, including post op experience. We do not stop at the surgical procedures. We follow up with our patients through out the recovery period. The Facial Contourpatients must come to two mandatory check ups, follow the careful after care instructions prescribed by their specialist, and always have an open line to us if any issues occur. 

The right after care can lead to happy results. It takes anywhere from 60 to 90 days for patients to see the full results of their procedures. As long as they are diligent with their care and show patience for proper recovery their results will always be great.

In Conclusion

We hope this post answered your questions. A part of Banobagi’s job is to be there for our patients in every way we can. This includes answering all questions that a patient might have.

If this article has inspired you to take the first step toward a facial contour procedure, then click here. Set up a consultation with one of our many amazing specialists.

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