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What options do people have when their face starts to show signs of aging? How can we reverse age?

Look no further than at Banobagi’s face lift procedures. Time takes its toll and eventually works toward the collapse of a youthful face. The skin can only go so far and when wrinkles start to set in, we can start to look much older than we are. The face usually starts to show wrinkles the quickest.

Wrinkles are a natural process of life, however, there are many factors that work toward speeding up the process. Some of those factors include:

  • Age
  • Constant facial motions (expressing emotion)
  • Smoking and secondhand exposure
  • Ultraviolet exposure (sun rays)

As people that all live around each other, we are exposed to these factors daily. Not to mention, aging is inevitable, so once the process starts how can we reverse it?

Where Do Wrinkles Occur On The Face?

It is important to remember that while these factors affect every patient, how the face reacts is particular to the patient. Wrinkles are more than just lines in the skin, there are specific ways the skin can show age. The factors mentioned above play a large part in how and where wrinkles show up.

Wrinkles around the eyes, most commonly called crow’s feet are known as dynamic wrinkles. They are generally caused by a person expressing emotions (such as smiling, frowning, anger, etc.). When expressing emotions are facial muscles push the skin together which creates those commonly seen dynamic wrinkles. Eventually, dynamic wrinkles lead to static wrinkles, which is best seen when the face is at rest.

The nasolabial folds (creases between the nose and cheeks), and droopy jowls (the cheeks) become wrinkled when the lower jaw and neck start to lose its elasticity and create wrinkle folds. The amount of skin that sags below the face will start to pull the rest of the facial skin and cause more sagging which leads to prominent wrinkles. The face and neck go hand in hand when it comes to the aging process.  These are the most common wrinkles and where they would be located.

Face Lifting Procedures
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Notice that most wrinkles happen often within the mid-facial area. With this in mind, let’s go through the types of face lifting procedures our patients can choose from.

Which Face Lifting Procedure Works For You?

Within our area of anti-aging procedures, we offer five face lifting options. Some of the procedures are usable for general aging, others for outside factor aging (smoking, medication, etc.), and other procedures are more specific to particular areas of the face.

To find our which face lift works best for you, we always recommend a comprehensive consultation between our patients and our specialists. We want our patients to tell us their stories; why is this procedure important to them? Where do they feel needs the most? What is their end goal with receiving this procedure?

Once we understand our patients, then we can insert our analysis of the patient and show them that we have their best interest at heart.

Elastic Band Lifting

To fix the effect, we must fix the cause. The cause of general facial sagging and wrinkles is the collapse of the myofascial layer underneath the fatty layer located within the facial skin.

This layer is restored by using elastic bands as a tool to re-strengthen the myofascial layer. The elastic bands eventually bond with the tissues, resulting in the bands and Face Lifting Procedurestissues working in tandem.

Endoscopic Forehead Lifting

The forehead shows the most noticeable wrinkles and the most obvious of upper area aging. The overall drooping of the forehead can also cause the sagging and drooping within the brow and eye areas. This procedure requires more specificity and accuracy concerning the forehead’s condition and width.

By making small incisions near the hairline, lifting the loose skin underneath the forehead skin and stitching it in place with endotine, patients usually undergo a quicker and more effective result.  The endotine will hold the skin until the body creates the material necessary to keep the skin from sagging, eventually, the endotine will disintegrate and allow the body to take over.

Mid-Face Lifting

The mid-facial area is where aging shows the most. Therefore, wrinkles are, to a greater extent, obvious. The wrinkles in this area can lead to negative impressions due to unhappy-looking expressions caused by wrinkles. To fix this area we go in simultaneously with two lifting procedures: lower eyelid surgery and mid-facial lift.

We do both procedures simultaneously because aging doesn’t affect one area, it affects many and we want to make sure we solve every issue at once. Endotine is also used in the mid face lifting procedure, to tighten the mid-facial area and help the body do the rest.

Face Lifting

By making incisions in front of the ears, tightening the loose skin, and snipping away all the extra skin, we improve a larger area. When we do this procedure, we use our extensive understanding of the skin’s many layers to life and tighten every layer of skin. Especially the myofascial layer that is the most common cause of wrinkles.

2030 Lifting

The process of face lifting can be very stressful and potentially damaging to our patients, due to skin sensitivity. While our specialists have steady, experienced hands we always strive for procedures that create a better experience for our patients.

With 2030 lifting, our patients will receive minimal incisions and receive a face lift through the use of thin medical threads. The threads are self-dissolving and so thin that minimal incisions are necessary, which means tissue damage is less likely. The threads also help to kickstart skin regeneration and an increase in skin elasticity.

Face Lifting ProceduresIn Conclusion

We can’t stop the aging process; however, we have methods that can reverse the process. We know that time passes quickly, and our patients don’t want that to show on the face and skin.

Our anti-aging procedures are so successful we can confidently say that we hold the fountain of youth within the Banobagi clinic. With our comprehensible follow-up plans, we can assure our patients’ long-lasting results for many years to come.

Check out one of our happy customers below and see how fresh she looks now!

To find out which procedure would benefit you, please drop us a line!

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