Dual Slim Procedure: Upper Body Slimming

What other options does a patient have when losing stubborn fat becomes difficult?

Weight loss, in healthy ways, requires anyone to make permanent changes. Even when these changes are implemented, creating an aesthetically pleasing body shape takes time and patience. Once that happens, maybe patients need more help. Areas of the body will continue to store pockets of fat that a patient will find uncomfortable and unbecoming. 

At the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic, we have many options when it comes to effective body contouring. Our options encompass a full-body process that strives to improve a patient’s body shape overall. A particular procedure that hits on all these points is our dual slim procedure. Most patients know about liposuction however, they are not always aware of upper body weight and how that can affect the body lines as a whole. 

Dual Slim ProcedureWhat Does A Dual Slim Procedure Treat?

Many patients forget that obesity can also affect the upper body. When patients hear obesity they immediately think of the abdominal area, but that isn’t the only area that stores fat. 

Usually, as a patient gains more weight (eventually becoming obese) their breasts will also gain fat as well. When the breasts grow in size so will the upper body. This can lead to a lot of health complications that will severely affect the patient in the long run.

When patients choose to make lifestyle changes, such as diet and exercise, weight loss will happen. However, when a patient has untreated obesity for so long it will be harder to lose the fat that has been stored in the upper body for so long. Some areas of the body will resist and now the patient arrives at a standstill. Even with a healthy lifestyle and proper body weight, fat sticks around in certain areas.

What can a patient do to treat this issue? They are doing all they can to lose the unwanted fat healthy way, but is there another way to go about this? The answer is yes. Our dual slim procedure is a healthy and amazing choice for patients that want to maintain healthy body shape.

How Is The Dual Slim Procedure Done?

As the name implies, this procedure is done by performing two procedures simultaneously:

We want to be sure that we hit all areas at once to maintain a consistent body line.Dual Slim Procedure Body contours are all about the details and we always pay attention to the details.
Rather than just focus on the middle and lower area of the body, we also factor in the breast size and upper abdomen area.

The upper area of the body includes the shoulders below the breasts and upper back. When we do the breast reduction procedure we allow our patients to choose the type that best fits them. Among the breast reduction adoptions are the following:  

  • Areolar incision
  • Vertical incision
  • 오 shaped incision
  • Breast reduction through liposuction

We also make our patients aware of the different areas that the liposuction procedure will focus on. Since everybody type is unique, a patient can receive liposuction from one or more of the following areas:

  • Lower abdomen 
  • Sides (Love handles)
  • Waist 

Of course, we will consult with and guide our patients toward the right decision. After all, we want our patients to be happy however, we must also make sure the results are successful. 

Dual Slim Procedure

In Conclusion

Maintaining a healthy weight holds many aspects and sometimes a patient can’t always do it by themselves. While it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important to consider all the options. With this procedure, we take into account areas of the body that most patients can’t control.  

At Banobagi, we do all we can to give our patients the body they want, while reminding them of that these results need constant work. Do not give up a healthy lifestyle because of any cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery. Always treat your body well and the results will stay for a long time.

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