Double Eyelid Surgery: Why Is The Procedure So Popular?

 Are You Wondering Why Double Eyelid Surgery Is Such a Frequent Procedure?

In Korea, it is no surprise that a patient’s first cosmetic surgical procedure is double eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. This type of surgery is common especially among Asian patients because they are more likely to be born with a monolid. Double eyelid surgery simply creates a crease above the lash line which can open up the eye and promote anti-aging. Are you wondering why an eyelid crease is so highly desired? Continue reading to learn more information about this popular procedure.

double eyelid surgeryThe eyes are one of the strongest features on your face that draws the most attention.  The Asian community is big critics of beauty, especially, by the elderly and adults. When you are reunited with family, the first thing they notice are physical attributes that have changed. The eyes are the first to speak. If they don’t have a crease, they can be perceived as unattractive. The lack of a fold in the crease can represent the eyes as small, saggy, and droopy.

The Rise of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Due to South Korea’s ratio of plastic surgeries per capita in the world, it is a popular destination for medical tourism. Many patients will travel to South Korea for cosmetic procedures because of their high standard of beauty. As a result, society has a reputation of youthfulness, beauty, and appearance. The strength of Korean celebrities has influenced people that cosmetic surgery can create confidence through beauty. 


Korea does not look down on plastic and reconstructive surgery like other countries can. As it may be shocking to some, it is a common gift in Korea. Male and female students who have completed high school frequently request a procedure like double eyelid surgery. It became a popular operation because of its affordability compared to other places in the world. This means locals can afford it and it also attracts foreigners. Due to the growing industry built around cosmetic surgery, it has lead to the availability of highly skilled surgeons.

The Cosmetic Procedure

The procedure is expected to be completed in 30 minutes to an hour depending on the surgical technique. Typically, the surgeon will create a cut along the upper eyelid to remove excess skin and insert a thin stitch to mimic a crease. A non-surgical alternative to get a crease is simply by using eyelid tape in the shape of a crescent moon. It is a popular temporary solution for those who want the effect but do not want to endure surgery. This approach is used among girls because makeup can disguise the tape. For a more natural effect, girls will use eyeliner or false eyelashes.


double eyelid surgeryPatients get a dramatic transformation with a minimally invasive surgery which is why double eyelid surgery has gained so much popularity. A small detail such as a line in the crease can boost confidence in a lot of people. Instead of looking away, a patient can now give eye contact to others with courage and determination. The surgery essentially makes the eyes appear larger with a brighter complexion which is desirable among Asians to get a more Western appearance. Patients who undergo double eyelid surgery can expect a short recovery time. On average, they can return to normal activities after 10 days of the surgery.

To Conclude

double eyelid surgeryPlastic surgery is a part of everyday life for locals. The cosmetic industry has promoted the essence of beauty and glamor worldwide. Due to this, procedures such as double eyelid surgery has become one of the most requested among men and women. Beauty in its many forms is embedded over the streets of Korea. It is an idea you can’t escape. If this article caught your attention, schedule a consultation with our skilled surgeons to guide you through a bigger and brighter future. 


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