Deviated Nose

Deviated Nose Surgery, 

in Consideration of Both Aesthetic and Functional Aspects

Nose is in the center of  the face, so it can be an important facial feature that decides first impression of a person depending on its height, balance, and symmetry. Generally, a deviated nose is when the line of nose bridge to nose tip looks deviated from the frontal angle. There are more of acquired deviation cases from an injury than inherited case. Most of deviated noses are a deformity of its nasal growth plates because of an injury in adolescence. There are also many malocclusion and facial asymmetry cases along with it.


Knowing the cause of a deviated nose and its side effect is important to diagnose surgical methods to correct it. As functional aspect of a nose is significant, we need to focus on its functional problems either when we want to aesthetically improve a nose through a rhinoplasty. Nose deviation with stuffy feeling inside can bring breathing problems, headache, and sleeping disorder. It is crucial to make sure its common functional side effects of septal deviation such as nasal stuffiness and rhinitis before surgery because it comes along with both functional and aesthetic concerns. It is also significant to make sure the narrowness of v-valve and swelling of inferior nasal concha which are important when breathing.


Dr. Hyuntaek Lee from BANOBAGI plastic surgery hospital said “Nose deviation does not mean always severe functional problem, but, breathing problem may come along even when its deviation level is low. Unsatisfactory surgical result may occur in both functional and aesthetic aspects when its cause and side effects are not considered. A patient thinking about getting rhinoplasty should consider both aspects to correct septal deviation.” If you already had the surgery, a thorough post-operative care is needed to avoid rhinitis and excessive impact on nose part. Recovery and final result after surgery will be more satisfactory if thoroughly cared.



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