3 Great Deals With Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic

What better way to start the New Year off then to consult with our specialists at a more affordable price?

The New Year always brings about talk of change, progression, and positivity. New Year resolutions start with gusto, yet they never seem to last. We have the will to change, but how do we build on our will to continue that change? Many times, we worry so much about the destination that we forget about the journey.

The journey requires us to look and feel our best. The New Year is the start of a new journey to a better destination. We can help facilitate that journey by offering three great deals with Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Well, we want to be a part of the New Year in every way we can. Not only is it a New Year it is a new decade and we have three deals with Banobagi for anyone to take advantage of. The discounts are wonderful, and the specialists are great at what they do. Each deal comes with a specific specialist.

Each discounted procedure is done in tandem with another procedure that will complement each other. The procedures below are discounted from Jan. 1st to Mar. 31st and all first-time patients can also receive extra services. Let’s dive into the 3 great deals of 2020.

Face Contour With Dr. Park Shinki

When a patient opts to receive three facial contouring procedures, one procedure will receive a 50% discount. The procedures include the following:

  • Cheekbone reduction
  • Square jaw reduction
  • Genioplasty

All of the above procedures complement each other when done to fit the patient’s unique facial structure.

Deals With Banobagi

The procedures are overseen by Dr. Park Shinki. Dr. Shinki is a specialized plastic surgeon with many accolades to his name. For example, Dr. Park is a graduate of Seoul National University College of Medicine, was a member of the Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association, and an active member of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

His academic career is bountiful and full of experience that will make the facial procedures a lifelong success. For first time patients, they will receive complimentary airport pickup and sending, and 5 days of free guest house lodging.

Transconjunctival Fat Removal And Redistribution With Dr. Noh Yongjoon

In conjunction with eyelid surgery, specifically the following procedures:

  • Ptosis correction
  • A non-incisional double eyelid procedure

Patients will receive a 50% discount on transconjunctival fat removal and redistribution. This would be a great complementing procedure because it is also a non-incisional or minimally invasive procedure that takes away the excess bulging (also known as bags) underneath a patient’s eyes. These procedures will be overseen by Dr. Noh Yongjoon.

Deals With BanobagiAnother specialized surgeon of Banobagi with much success. Dr. Yongjoon is also a graduate of Seoul National University College of Medicine, holds a residency with the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Seoul National University Hospital, and is an active member of the Korean Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Like all of our specialists, Dr. Yongjoon is an exceptional plastic surgeon with much success. For first time patients, they will receive complimentary airport pickup.

Alar Reduction With Dr. Noh Yongjoon

Patients will receive a 70% discount when getting the alar reduction, also known as the alar base reduction, procedure done with our specialist Dr. Noh Yongjoon. However, it must be done in tandem with an Augmentation Rhinoplasty. Alar reduction goes together with an augmentation rhinoplasty because it helps to take care of the smaller details concerning the construction of the nose.

Deals With BanobagiAlar reduction deals only with the width of the nostrils and nostril reduction. Minimal incisions are made on the outer or inner area of the nostrils to remove excess tissue. Once again, this procedure is overseen by Dr. Noh Yongjoon.  For first time patients, they will receive complimentary airport pickup and sending, and 3 days of free guest house lodging.

In Conclusion

We all want to start the New Year with a step in the right direction. Our specialists are more than happy to be a guide for our patients. The right step includes many factors, and the better prepared we are, the better that step will be.

We want our patients to look and feel their best at all times. Surgical procedure deals with Banobagi is our way of helping patients find their best selves.  This should be a New Year’s resolution for everyone.

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