How The Cheekbones Shape The Face

How can we put so much importance into one part of the face? Whether it’s through makeup or surgical procedures, the cheekbones hold a lot of shape for the face.

History shows that most first impressions are made by visual opinion. We take a glance at a person and already have an ‘idea’ as to who that person may be. We do this by judging the overall appearance, and more specifically the face. Each facial feature holds certain details, and the cheekbones are no different.

With so much to take into account, the cheekbones become important starting points for the focal features of the face. The chin, the eyes, and the nose are what people look at first, however, the cheekbones help to amplify these areas.

At Banobagi we have multiple options for patients that want to enhance their cheekbones. However, we will talk about one procedure: zygomatic reconstruction.

Why Do Cheekbones Need Any Type Of Enhancement?

In recent years, the cheekbones have become an area of interest for cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons have become popular through the use of fillers to create high cheekbones.

Beauty culture dictates the necessary height of cheekbones by highlighting the highest points, usually through makeup, so that the rest of the face can appear The cheekbonesyounger and more active. By lifting the cheekbones, it also gives the illusion of a slender face.

Not to mention the toll that time takes on the skin. Skin will sag, lose its elasticity, and pull at the rest of the face in an unpleasing matter. When this happens even a zygomatic reconstruction won’t be helpful. To make the skin look aesthetically pleasing our clinic uses two materials:

  1. Endotine: An FDA-approved material with bio affinity. It puts pressure on the skin and smoothly tightens the skin. This allows for an even and discreet facelift.
  2. Elasticum: a synthetic material that naturally blends with the surrounding tissue, eventually becoming a ligament. The material helps to reverse drooping skin and create natural longevity.

Of course, these materials come into play during the surgical procedure.

Zygomatic Reconstruction For Better Cheekbones

Zygomatic reconstruction, also known as cheekbone reconstruction, is a technical reconstruction and relocation of the cheekbones. Our specialists identify all the variables of the zygomatic area and use materials that are stern, fixed, and strong enough to hold the area together.

The goal of the procedure is to take the cheekbone and relocate it to an ideal area The cheekbonesfor the patient. To do this the specialists must work on both cheekbones simultaneously. After the relocation is complete the reconstruction part starts.

Our specialists use a fixture technique that takes temporal muscle force inside the zygomatic complex into account. With this technique, our patients’ cheekbones are secure and safe for future recovery time.

With the fixture technique, the body will be prone to heal naturally, as if the cheekbones are suffering a common fracture. Once the healing process is complete, the patient’s cheekbones will not only look better, they will further enhance the rest of the facial features.

In Conclusion

While cheekbones are not a main focal point, they are certainly important to the face overall. They are responsible for aesthetically enhancing the rest of the face and putting a cherry on top of a naturally beautiful face. We don’t only focus on what is considered important, we take all details into account. Our goal is to improve the big picture.

The cheekbones

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