Breast Reduction: Will It Relieve Chronic Back Pain?

Are You Considering a Breast Reduction Because You’re Suffering from Chronic Back Pain? 

If you heard the term boob job, your brain will automatically trigger and relate it to surgery for enhancing the size of your breasts. If you didn’t already know, a boob job is a universal term for many different procedures including implants, breast lift, breast fat grafting, and even breast reduction. Women often suffer painful symptoms due to breasts that have a cup size D and above. Continue reading to learn about the cause of the discomfort and what you can do to relieve the pain.

What Is The Source Of The Discomfort? 

Back pain is often experienced at one point in a person’s life. It is a strain on the muscles due to poor posture, extensive exercise, or injury. For women with large breasts, the weight itself can be strong enough to take a toll on your back muscles causing discomfort that can last for years. The excess weight located on your chest is not supported by its surrounding muscles, therefore, creating a hunch that affects your spine and posture. 

breast reductionSymptomatic macromastia is the term doctors use for physical symptoms caused by large breasts. The weight of your breast can impact the function of your body including your posture. It can disperse chronic pain in the neck, back, shoulders, and chest affecting physical activities. The discomfort can even lead to migraine headaches and sleep apnea.

How Can You Relieve The Pain?

Low to Moderate Pain Level:

If the pain is mild, you have multiple methods that can relieve the backache. First, you can get a customized bra to distribute more support from the weight of your chest. Second, you can visit a chiropractor or physical therapist to relieve sore muscles and improve posture. Lastly, you can resort to medication that can be a temporary pain reliever. 

High to Extreme Pain Level:

breast reductionUnfortunately, those quick remedies will not be a permanent solution for women with more persistent symptoms. Breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a well-documented treatment for pain related to excessive weight from the breast. The surgery will result in a breast size that is proportional to your body.

An Overview of A Breast Reduction Surgery Procedure

A board-certified plastic surgeon will perform a breast reduction surgery to alleviate discomfort or correct the portion of the breast. The procedure requires general anesthesia. Moving forward, the surgeon will make an incision to remove excess breast tissue using liposuction. Doing so will help improve your ability to participate in physical activities. 

breast reduction

As with any surgery, a breast reduction procedure may come with risk and side effects. The patient may encounter scarring, loss of sensation in the nipples, or different symmetry between the left and right breast. During the recovery, you may be advised to spend a night in the hospital. Your breast will be bandaged with a surgical bra and you can expect some soreness and discomfort for the first week. The doctor will prescribe medication for pain relief and antibiotics. Results will be immediate but over time, swelling will completely go down and surgical scars will fade.


In summary, a boob job is not just for patients who are looking to enlarge their breasts. The procedure is beneficial towards many surgical cosmetic situations. If you are tired from dealing with the pain that comes with large breasts, don’t feel hopeless because there are different approaches to relieve the pain. Consult with our surgeons for professional consultation regarding breast reduction. Our team has many years of experience on hand with plastic surgery and helped patients towards looking and feeling their best. 


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