Breast Fat Grafting: Pros and Cons

Breast Fat Grafting Overview

Women do not only undergo breast augmentation simply because they wish to change the size or shape of their breasts. In some cases, women receive implants after their natural breasts are removed in a process called a mastectomy. This is usually a result of breast cancer or other medical conditions. In this case, breast augmentation actually becomes breast reconstruction, and implants are absolutely necessary.
While the favored route for reconstructed breast is saline or silicone implants, there is however a new method of breast reconstruction emerging. It incorporates the use of fat injected into the breast using a grafting method. Are you new to the term? Let’s find out what it means.

What is Breast Fat Grafting?

breast fat grafting

In its simplest form, fat grafting involves taking a volume of fat from an area of your body and redistributing it into the breast area. Your doctor will determine to remove fat from various parts of your body, such as the stomach, buttocks or thighs by using a method called liposuction. For a surgeon to get a natural-looking breast shape, they will take the removed fat and inject it back into the body in a liquid form. Your doctors will suggest multiple fat grafting sessions if you are interested in achieving an increase in breast size.

Using fat grafting technology to recreate the breast tissue is a relatively new idea. This is very important to keep in mind. If you are seeking reconstruction surgery, the idea of traditional breast implants can be intimidating. One might think creating new breast from your own fat seems far less risky. While there are some benefits to breast fat grafting, there are some downsides as well.


  • Unlike traditional implants, surgeons will not have to place a foreign object into your body. Fat grafting simply means taking your own body fat to reconstruct or enhance the breast instead of saline or silicon.
  • The fat used for the procedure needs to come from somewhere. A doctor will suggest certain areas of fat that are best suited to be removed from your body during a surgery consultation.
  • Along with gaining natural looking breasts, you can lose fat from problem areas as well.
  • With this procedure, there is a decrease¬†in sensation lost in the breast area.
  • Patients can expect the breast to feel natural after the procedure.


  • The technology has not been around long enough. There are no long term studies or statistics available. In return, this means that it is uncertain how the appearance will hold long term.
  • Doctors will require multiple sessions of operation to get your desired results.
  • Your body might re-absorb the fat cells over time. This means that as a result, your breasts can lose volume and become uneven in appearance.
  • Removing fat from an area can prevent flap reconstruction in the future.
  • In some patients, a dangerous condition called necrosis can occur.
  • Due to surgical research, there is a concern that breast fat grafting can result in breast cancer.


If a breast augmentation with fat procedure for reconstructive or cosmetic reasons interests you, we hope you gained knowledgeable information about the procedure from this post. If you would like to get further information, contact us to schedule an appointment to speak with our knowledgeable plastic surgeons. We would love to help you determine if breast fat grafting is a good option for you.

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