Breast Examination

Why breast examination is essential
before and after breast plastic surgery


Dr. Jaebeom Seo from Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic


When considering breast plastic surgery, such as breast augmentation, reduction surgery, or autologous fat grafting, many people are busy thinking about the implant selection or the incision site, expecting what it will look like after surgery. However, there are many cases of receiving unexpected results from the breast examination prior to surgery and are bewildered.

The reason is that breast tumors are quite often found during breast examinations before surgery. We think taking breast examination is not something serious and take it in our stride, but once receiving these results before surgery, a person may feel relieved that he/she found it early while also worried about whether the operation will be affected.

If there is a breast tumor, it is safer and better to remove it before surgery. Also for the case of breast augmentation using implants, it has to be checked first if there’s an abnormal lesions through mammography and breast ultrasound. If it is found, performing the necessary biopsy, removal procedure, and treatment before proceeding with surgery is necessary. 

In the case of autologous fat grafting, calcification of fat may progress after breast augmentation, and it is difficult to distinguish early calcification from micro-calcification which is a sign of breast cancer. For this reason, it is often used to obtain data through pre-operative examination and to differentiate it from breast cancer when calcifications are discovered. In breast reduction surgery, pre-operative ultrasound test is used to identify mammary gland tissue, fat mass, etc. to find a suitable surgical method, as well as to secure data through preoperative examination because there is a possibility of breast tissue changes and calcifications after surgery.

Even after breast plastic surgery, check-ups are essential. The reason is that it is possible to find out whether the implant is damaged, how the position of the implant is, whether capsular contracture has not occurred, and what is the cause of edema after surgery. In addition, it is necessary for checking the thickness of the film, early diagnosis of complications, and diagnosis of breast diseases and breast cancer.

Dr. Jaebeom Seo from Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic said “Breast examination is essential for breast health before and after breast surgery. It is recommended to undergo a breast surgery in a well-equipped clinic with examination equipment and systems, and to receive regular examinations.”

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