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This blog is the official English blog for Banobagi Clinic, South Korea’s premier plastic surgery hospital. Here, we will discuss topics such as cosmetic procedures, K-pop and entertainment, Korean culture, K-beauty, and much more! Banobagi Hospital is centered in the heart of Gangnam. This location signals our top-notch status in Korean cosmetic surgery. Our hospital is internationally praised for its “detailist” surgeons and their emphasis on consistent and innovative training and first class customer service. Scroll below to learn more about out how our clinic has stood out among the competition and distinguishes itself.

What Makes Banobagi Famous?

1. Training

It is no small task becoming a licensed surgeon. And still, after gaining their certification, our hospital staff push themselves further. Their training ranges from domestic to international conferences. Our surgeons are admirable in that they do not hide their knowledge. We often host our own conferences. Also, we offer support and information to current and future physicians. Our willingness to share our tips and techniques distinguishes us from many of our counterparts. It also reinforces our vital role in the realm of plastic surgery.

2. Detail

Also, It’s not just our inventive techniques that set Banobagi professionals apart from our peers. They are also known as the master “detailists”. Our skilled staff often perform potentially threatening procedures, such as double-jaw surgery and blepharoplasty. However, they work with great precision and timeliness. Their ability also leads to patients experiencing speedier and less stressful recoveries. Also, their attention to detail strikes in the pre and post-operative stages. Banobagi surgeons take their time with each person. We prioritize our patients’ wants without sacrificing their needs. Consequently, clients leave the clinic feeling like family and not a number.  

3. Customer Service

Extensive training and a knack for detail make Banobagi good. However, it is our excellent customer service that makes us great. At Banobagi Hospital, the patient comes first. Our surgeons never push unnecessary procedures or treatments just to make money. Instead, we guide our clients in the direction that will best suit their desired look and lifestyle. We seek to enhance the natural potential of our patients. Thus, providing them with the confidence to pursue their dreams. Banobagi’s quality care does not stop post-op. Following the client’s procedure, we continue checking in. We make sure the recovery process is as smooth as the surgery. We treat our patients with much concern. Many clients refer their friends and families to the clinic. This strengthens the bond that marks our hospital.

4. Great Results

Our attention to detail and advanced techniques produce great results!  You can see this in numerous before & after photos, press as well as our participation in Let Me In. Let Me In is a makeover show, originated in South Korea, that takes people unhappy with their appearance and gives them a fresh start. Only the best plastic surgeons are invited to participate. Banobagi Hospital has been a long-time participant. Check out the video below to see our surgeons in action!



Banobagi Clinic is of a different kind. There are countless reasons why we are a powerhouse in our field. We’ve cornered the market in combining innovative technology and humanity.  Consequently, we have been deemed the “Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea”.  While we may share ideas and information, we have no intentions of sharing our crown.

To learn more about Banobagi Hospital please contact us  via our contact page or English@banobagi.com




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