Best Breast Implants In Korea: Why Motiva Ranks At the Top

Breast augmentations, commonly known as “boob jobs“, are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures worldwide and in Korea. There are countless reasons why women opt for this procedure. These reasons vary from traditional standards of femininity, activity levels, or mommy makeovers. Whatever the reason, the boob job isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you are or someone you know is considering a breast augmentation, choosing proper implants is essential. Motiva Breast Implants could fulfill this need. If you want to learn more, scroll below to find out what makes Motiva different from its competition and just maybe, the best breast implants for you.

Boob Jobs: Why?

As previously mentioned, there are a plethora of “whys” behind women opting for boob jobs. Some women choose this procedure to obtain a more traditional, “feminine” aesthetic. Man or woman we all want to feel good in (and out of) our clothes. For some ladies, this means having a curvier, fuller silhouette. Piggybacking off of this desire for a more womanly figure, many highly active women may seek breast augmentation to balance out their athletic shapes. Breasts are predominately comprised of fat and unfortunately, we can’t pick and choose where we gain or lose ours. Therefore, female athletes or those with high activity levels might choose a breast augmentation to reshape this area.

Last, but not least, many women undergo breast enhancement procedures following childbirth. This is often part of a larger “mommy makeover”. While no mother regrets having their child, it can be a self-sacrificing experience. Many women report feeling as if they have lost themselves after becoming a parent. Much of this sense of loss comes from the physical changes resulting from pregnancy and labor. Childbirth can drastically change a woman’s body. Consequently, this may negatively impact her level of self-comfort. Breast augmentations can help boost their self-esteem by giving them back their pre-baby bodies and pre-baby sense of authenticity. This leads to more confident new moms who will make for better parents, wives, and friends.

Boob Jobs: How?

Now that we’ve discussed the why’s behind breast augmentation, let’s talk about how it’s done. There are several methods for obtaining a breast augmentation. A not so common procedure is the fat transfer. This involves taking excess fat from other body parts, such as the hips, thighs, and stomach, and having it injected into the breasts. While this is the most natural method, it’s not always the most effective. Sometimes the fat can be reabsorbed into the system. It’s also not the best option for women who are looking to drastically increase their breast size. However, it can be a viable option for those who want a more natural appearance and only slight enhancements.

Another common option in breast augmentation is saline breast implants. These are a popular option amongst women who don’t want silicone implants. This procedure leads to fuller breasts in which ruptures are easier to detect. Saline breast implants are also more affordable than their silicone counterparts. Nevertheless, their popularity has declined over time due to their less natural feeling and more advanced technology. Much of this technology has been focused on improving the quality of silicone implants.

Undoubtedly, silicone implants are staples in the plastic surgery industry. They provide the most natural feel to the breast and they are less likely to “ripple” or wrinkle beneath the skin. Although usually the more costly option, silicone implants generally have a longer “life-expectancy” than other methods. Out of all advancements in the realm of cosmetic surgery, silicone implants have come far. One example of this invention is the Highly Cohesive Silicone Gel implants. These implants offer a teardrop shape, characteristic of a natural breast, and have great performance ratings.

Motiva Breast Implants: Why These Could Be The Best Breast Implants For You

As plastic surgery rates continue to increase, so does the need for more cutting edge products within the field. Many people are beginning to prefer non-invasive methods over their invasive counterparts. Additionally, more natural looking enhancements are growing more desirable. Roundness is losing out to a more teardrop shape. This also means women are opting for implants that better fit their natural frames. Because maintenance is such an essential part of plastic surgery, many women are also choosing implants based around their lifestyles. A company who is stepping up to bat in this innovative arena is Motiva. Motiva breast implants, currently being tested in the United States, are creating the latest buzz for breast implants. If you are considering having a breast augmentation, these just might be the best breast implants for you. Here’s why:

1.   Best Breast Implants: Custom Sizing

There’s few one size fits all products in life. When it comes to cosmetic surgery, this rule especially applies. Men and women who undergo cosmetic procedures want positive results for their bodies. To obtain these results, it’s important that you have a knowledgeable surgeon who knows exactly what you want. For a breast augmentation, it’s also necessary you choose implants that work for your desired aesthetic and body type. Motiva breast implants make this easy. With their extensive range of shapes and sizes, you and your medical professional can identify the best breast implants for you. Small, moderate, or dramatic, Motiva offers something for everyone and every dream image.

2. Best Breast Implants: Testing

Certainly, when choosing breast implants you don’t want to get the “bottom shelf” pick. Your body needs and deserves high quality. However, to determine whether or not implants have this quality, it’s important that they have been through extensive testing. Again, this is where Motiva comes out on top. Motiva implants have been through a wide array of chemical, biological, and physical testing. This testing is necessary to ensure their durability, and more importantly, their safety. Plastic surgery results do not last forever. However, you want to get your bang for your buck. Therefore, making sure that you choose implants that have been thoroughly assessed is essential to a successful operation.

3.Best Breast Implants: Sturdiness

As previously stated, plastic surgery results do not last forever. Nonetheless, you want maximum results while they are around. A constant concern of breast augmentation recipients is the durability and sturdiness of their implants. Leaks, ears, and the potential rupture can negatively affect post-op results and wreak havoc on the patient’s body. Therefore, it’s important to choose implants that are sturdy and have a long life expectancy. Motiva breast implants have been thoroughly tested for their strength. Statistics show their rupture rates falling at a .1%.

These are some of the reasons why Motiva breast implants could be the best breast implants for you.

Behind The Scenes of a Breast Augmentation

Have you ever wondered about what happens with breast augmentation? Influencer Claudipiachic came to Banobagi to increase the size of her breasts. We chose Motiva breast implants to give her the most natural look and feel as this was important to her.

Check out her video here:


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