Beauty Influencers Enjoy A Day in Seoul

What do beauty influencers and Korea have in common?

The memorable beauty influencer event hosted by Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic. On July 6th, Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic hosted Beauty, Bubbles, and High Tea for a large and diverse group of beauty influencers.

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From YouTube to Instagram the event was welcoming to all. With the ability to speak eight languages Banobagi showed their ability to cater to a multilingual crowd. Further showcasing why South Korea is the capital of medical tourism. No matter the patient’s background, culture, or language they will be in safe hands.

Below is an interview video of the event.


To many patients’ cosmetic surgery can be hard to handle when all the factors come into play. Patients worry about transportation, hotels, clinic visits, culture shock, and more. However, Banobagi goes above and beyond to make sure their patients are taken care of. Whether it be through their extremely experienced staff (remember eight languages) or a medical tourism agency that handled the details, patients will never Beauty Influencers Eventhave to worry about a thing.

The Beauty Influencers Were In For An Informative And Fun Afternoon

The event featured a full-scale tour of the Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic and the new hair transplant center. The tour was led by the multilingual staff. They did a great job educating all the influencers on what happens within the clinic. According to beauty influencers , the tour consisted of in depth consultation process, showcasing the technology, and an extensive Q&A that answered many common questions about procedures done within the clinic.

When Banobagi was founded in 2000, there were only four head doctors. Now Banobagi also employs what they call detailists. Detailists are specialists that focus their skill set on a certain procedure, or a certain process to achieve the best results possible. Think about all the passion and hard work that went into those years of experience.

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With over 15 years of experience in the cosmetic surgery field, Banobagi has hosted a plethora of procedures which include:

  • Face Contour
  • Eyes
  • Stem Cell
  • Anti-aging
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Body
  • Revision surgery and more

With the teamwork of both Banobagi specialists and cutting edge technology, Banobagi has easily become a favored plastic surgery clinic in Korea.

Beauty, Bubbles, and High Tea Event Also Premiered A New Procedure To Banobagi

Beauty Influencers EventThe event also showcased Banobagi’s newest procedure, hair transplants. This procedure works by extracting a patient’s hair follicles and relocating the follicles so to promote natural growth. Banobagi’s end goal is to have the most natural results. Dr. Lee Kyoung Ku would be the specialist in charge of hair transplants, with having done over 3,000 hair transplant procedures.

Everything came to a end over afternoon tea. All beauty influencers that attended the Beauty, Bubbles, and High Tea event  became better acquainted and tested their knowledge of the clinic by taking part in a little trivia game. The winners of game went home with exclusive prizes and pride. They showed their pride as beauty influencers by taking home Banobagi knowledge.

Even those that did not win prizes went home with a Banobagi gift bag containing the Banobagi Milk Thistle skincare line and a reminder to put self-care first. After all, natural beauty starts from within. Banobagi is well versed in creating outward natural beauty, while nurturing inner beauty.

Beauty Influencers Event

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