Banobagi’s Way To Rapid Healing

Here at Banobagi, we also take care of our patients after their procedures are over.

We understand that after surgery care is essential to a patient achieving the results they want. It is a common misconception that our involvement in a patient’s life starts with a procedure and ends at the end of the procedure.  Especially in regards to dermatological procedures, post-operative skincare aids in the recovery process. We have over 15 different procedures we perform and each one requires our patients to take certain precautions while they are rapid healinghealing.

Many procedures usually take about 30 days for results to start showing and 60 to 90 days for recovery to be complete. During those days, one of the patients main concern is their skin and how sensitive it will be for the recovery time. Our solution to this is our Milk Thistle Recovery Line

Banobagi’s Rapid Healing Self-Care

We understand our patients concern with sensitive skin, especially while they are recovering from a surgery. Our answer to this concern is a way of rapid healing self-care for postoperative recovery. These cosmetic products are mild on the skin, yet still effective during the recovery period. 

The Recovery Line consists of the following cosmetic products: 

  • Mask
  • Serum
  • Toner
  • Cream

The ingredients within the Recovery Line are a collection of ingredients that promote healthy skin and protect sensitive skin from exterior conditions. Basically, they all work in repairing the skin with rapid healing effects. The ingredients are the following:

  • Milk thistle extract: The effects of milk thistle contain a strong antioxidant that works to remove toxins from the skin, so to promote skin that is smooth, shiny, and even. 
  • Centella extract: heals skin damaged from outer factors. 
  • Burdock root extract: contains anti inflammatory effects that especially help acne prone skin going through recovery to avoid inflammation. 
  • Copper tripeptide-1: this ingredient promotes the strengthening of healthy skin through anti-aging properties. 

Skin care is an important part of the Korean culture but even more so with especially sensitive skin. Our line is not meant to stimulate the skin. Only mildly clean, soothe, and protect.

rapid healingAny artificial ingredients such as parabens, fragrance, and pigmentation are not used in the making of these products.  Our patients won’t have to worry about any of the side effects that come with sensitive skin. 

The Recovery Line comes with a specific set of instructions. Click here to see the steps. 

The Importance of Recovery After Care

Skin care, in general, is very important. Skin care when it pertains to recovery after care is especially important. Your skin is doing its best to recover from a traumatic experience, while also taking in the changes made by any recent procedure. That in itself is a hard job. 

Banobagi knows this so we create products that help this process along. However, procedures and products are not a one time solution.

Patient recovery must also include physical health and mental health. Those areas include a patients awareness of habits, diets, external factors (smoking, air pollution, etc.), and more. All these factors have to be taken care of and never pushed to the side. 

In Conclusion

Our service level toward our patients is held to a very high standard. The Milk Thistle Recovery Line is one of many ways we answer our patients concerns and needs.

Recovery time is important to the overall results of a procedure. With that in mind, we at Banobagi want to make sure every step of the journey is taken care of. We make sure our patients know that we are there every step of the recovery process.

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