Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic Comes to Vietnam

With all our success in South Korea, we thought it’s about time that we expand. Say hello to our new Banobagi facility in Vietnam. 

On the 23rd of November, Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic opened its second location in Vietnam. Where in Vietnam? Why no place else than the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi.

Within Hanoi, the newest Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic is located at the East Tower – Lotte Center Hanoi, 54 Lieu Giai Street, on floor 21. Our location is within the Ba Dinh District of Hanoi. 


We choose Hanoi as our second location because of its importance to Vietnam, aside from being the capital. Hanoi is the second-largest city of Vietnam, the second most productive economic center, and it is the cultural, commercial, and educational center of North Vietnam. 

As always at Banobagi we pay attention to detail, especially when it comes to our decision to expand. We choose to have our newest location in this area of Hanoi because of many reasons. For example, its historical significance to Vietnam and its quiet nature. The Ba Dinh district is a relaxing break from the overpopulated areas within Hanoi, so it’s a perfect atmosphere for any new patients that are new to cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery. 

What Did Banobagi’s Opening Ceremony Look Like?

 We are always treating our patients with the best in every regard. Not only did we open our doors for the first time we also hosted a party of VIPs to get a first look at the facilities and to have an extensive look at what Banobagi is all about. Take a look at our Instagram posts of the night. 

Our journey has been extensive. We want our future patients to know that we come with a history of hard work and success. From being a small clinic in the heart of South Korea’s well-known Gangnam District to expanding into every facet of life, our success is only starting in Vietnam.  

For one wonderful night, we rolled out the red carpet and hosted a plethora of amazing supporters to come and see what we have to offer for the Vietnamese culture. From social media influencers to fellow plastic and cosmetic surgeons, and future patients, we made the crowd as diverse as possible. Our goal is to create honest, compatible interaction between all people. Throughout the night, we took our VIP members on an extremely educational and interactive journey of Banobagi history.

Not to mention the amazing style and culture that Vietnam offered to us was extremely welcoming. The night was wonderful and surely showed the many great things to come in Vietnam. Now that we have opened our doors, we know that many newcomers will ask an obvious question.

Why Choose To Come To Banobagi?

What factors make our facility worth the time and money? The answer is deep and extensive, yet simple and fair. We are not a facility that works solely on economic gain. Our end goals are to create naturally beautiful results that will help our patients love themselves in a better way. 

BanobagiWe do this by paying attention to the details and getting to know our patients in-depth. We aren’t afraid to fantasize about what is not yet physically seen. Our vision is an extension of our patients. We will always deliver results that make our patients feel supremely confident.

At Banobagi we will always go the extra mile, from pre-operative preparation to post-operative aftercare, we are there every step of the way. The people of Vietnam should choose our clinic because we want them to look and feel their best.

In Conclusion

Our move to Vietnam is one of the many future plans we have. Banobagi is extremely honored to be a part of the Vietnam culture within Honai. We cannot wait to positively impact people with our work.

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