Artecoll Filler: The Permanent Cosmetic Filler

Artecoll Fillers-3Artecoll Filler: The Permanent Cosmetic Filler

We’re constantly flooded with advertisements surrounding serums, creams or procedures that guarantee to bring our skin back to the flawless state we once knew. Many of these anti-aging methods only provide results over time and with consistent use. But what if there was a way to permanently turn back the hands of time and have your youthful features restored? Read on to educate yourself on Artecoll fillers and how they can positively impact your life forever.

What Are Artecoll Injections?Artecoll Fillers-2

Artecoll filler is a permanent cosmetic filler that assists with the improvement of lines and wrinkles primarily around the nose and mouth. It assists with smile lines, forehead creases and it also works to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds. What separates Artecoll filler from Botox and other cosmetic fillers is the durable results it provides. It does not contain hyaluronic acid like other dermal fillers and it works with your body to form it’s own natural collagen and connective tissue, creating a natural looking change.

There were many clinical trials conducted surrounding Artecoll fillers which gave way for it to become FDA approved in 2006. The fillers are able to withstand the hands of time simply because they are not absorbed by the body, like other fillers. They promote collagen in the facial skin tissue which helps with lip lines and wrinkles that form around the corners of the mouth. Most individuals require one to two applications to achieve their final desired look.

Next, let’s discuss how plastic surgeons determine that a dermal filler is the perfect match for you.

Artecoll Fillers-4Pre-testing for Artecoll Fillers

During a consultation with a plastic surgeon, a skin test must be conducted. This includes a pre-test for skin allergies which eliminates potential negative side effects.

Artecoll fillers contain a bovine collagen component which prompts the necessity of an allergy test. This also offers predictable results and dismisses any kind of complications.

Then, the plastic surgeon cleanses the skin and marks the areas that will receive treatment. Then, the injections are administered and ta-da! You’re on your personal journey to rejuvenated skin!

But how exactly do they benefit an individual?  for details surrounding beneficial results of this dermal filler.

Benefits of Fillers

As we age, the produced rate of collagen begins decrease in our body. These fillers provide many benefits for individuals seeking to restore youthful features. The results include:

  • Raise skin to normal height causes by wrinkles
  • Fill in lines/creases on forehead or around the mouth
  • Correct scars caused by acne
  • Promote natural collagen growth

Next, let’s discuss the minor side effects and what steps you can take for a swift recovery.

Artecoll Fillers: Minimal Side Effects

The possibility of side effects after this procedure are very minimal. There may be pain, swelling, itching or minimal redness at the injection site. Taking Tylenol is ideal to reduce any swelling or discomfort you may temporarily be feeling.

Additionally, you should steer clear from aspirin. This is because it can increase the chance of bruising and bleeding. Other recovery tips include consistently receiving a good amount of rest and limiting the amount sun consumption.


In conclusion, most individuals do not require repeat sessions making them a permanent solution. This in turn reduces long term costs and recovery time for individuals that are not interested in surgical options, such as a facelift.

This safe procedure provides high quality results that continue to improve over time.  While the collagen gel fills and minimizes your wrinkles, the PMMA microspheres assists your skin with long lasting natural wrinkle correction. The combination of these two compounds give birth to natural, beautiful results.

Self-confidence awaits you through this quick minimally invasive procedure. Let us guide you to the fountain of youth and transform your life today and forever.









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