The Top Five Anti-Aging Treatments in South Korea

Maybe you’ve been looking in the mirror lately and feeling a little less like yourself. You’re noticing the fine lines beginning to settle. Perhaps, anti-aging treatments are crossing your mind. Aging is a natural part of life. We don’t have to love it. We don’t even have to like it. However, like any part of change, it’s much easier when we just let go and accept it. Acceptance is simple when you consider the perks: a stronger sense of self and less concern about what others think. Still, memories are easily the most valuable aspect of aging. If crow’s feet, smile lines, and wrinkles are the price to pay for your first kiss, the father-daughter dance at your wedding, or your child’s first steps, it’s a fair expense.

However, what if I told you that you can keep the memories and ditch the wrinkles? What if I told you that you can keep smiling and erase the smile lines? Are you interested? If so, look no further. Anti-aging treatments can wipe the years off your face and make you look as youthful as you feel. They say age is nothing but a number, right? You may be wondering where and how can you get these treatments? Don’t worry. We’ve got the answers.  Scroll below to learn about the top five anti-aging treatments in South Korea.

The Top Five Anti-Aging Treatments in South Korea

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1. Thread Lifting: A Minimally Invasive Treatment

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive, anti-aging treatment. It targets the face, neck, and/or jowls. Thread lifting is an up and coming alternative to the traditional facelift. Traditional facelifts are effective. However, they can be quite intimidating for newbies to cosmetic surgery. Thread lifting involves your surgeon inserting a needle filled with tiny self-dissolving threads beneath your skin’s surface. This pulls back the skin, for a tighter, more youthful look. These self-dissolving threads are at the core of why this procedure has gained such traction. The threads’ dissolving factor minimize the possibility of infections as these foreign entities do not linger long in your system. With proper maintenance, thread lifting lasts about three to five years.

2. Elasticum

Next on our list of popular, anti-aging treatments is the Elasticum Method. The Elasticum Method is similar to Thread Lifting. However, it differs in its more natural finish. Because of the resiliency of the elasticum thread, patients are able to display natural facial expressions. The days of the stiff, post-surgery face are long behind us! Another positive to this thread is that it is similar to human tissue. Due to this similarity, there is less potential for irritation beneath the skin’s surface or risk of infection. Other added benefits of the Elasticum Method are the long-lasting benefits. Some patients simply do not have the time, financial means, or desire to be in and out of the surgery clinic. They want instant and durable results. If this you, then Elasticum Lifting is your best choice. As with all procedures, correct maintenance will ensure your results lasts. However, the elasticum thread will keep you looking younger and fresher for a longer period of time. The elasticum thread lifting is semi-permanent.

stem cell therapy for anti-aging treatment

3. Stem Cell Therapy: Anti-Aging Treatment

Stem cells have been major game changers in the medical field and for good reason! These cells are so promising because of their organic nature. A common issue in the cosmetic surgery industry are the risks associated with inserting foreign matter into the body. Consequently, the body can reject this matter or it can cause infections that transfer throughout one’s system. This risk is essentially eliminated with the invention of stem cells. They are cells that originate from an individual’s body. Therefore, it’s more likely they will mesh with your system.

Stem Cell Therapy is a new anti-aging treatment that renews skin elasticity. This gives the patient a more youthful, even complexion. Stem Cell Therapy is not restricted to the facial region. Because of their self-repairing qualities, the cells can be injected in many areas of the body. It is always important to seek a highly skilled physician to perform your surgeries. However, since Stem Cell Therapy is a relatively new procedure, it’s even more crucial that you find a medical professional who is up to date on the latest treatment. If you are considering undergoing this treatment, consider Banobagi Hospital.

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4. Acculift

Acculift is another popular anti-aging treatment that is also minimally invasive. It offers facelift benefits without the hassle associated with surgery. In this procedure, a laser enters your body through small incisions, destroying excess fat. Most commonly, this treatment is used to tighten the skin around the face and neck. Another major perk of Acculift is that it is a one-time treatment. However, it’s up to you to uphold your results through proper diet and exercise.

Lastly, Acculift is ideal for those searching for an “instant fix”. They say nothing worth having comes quickly. Nonetheless, Acculift may be the exception to the rule. This procedure takes roughly thirty minutes to an hour. Therefore, in the time it takes to watch your favorite sitcom you can wind back the clock and restore your youthful glow! Less time in the operating room translates into less recovery time. Consequently, not only can you get a more radiant look sooner you can enjoy it faster!

5. The Thermage System: The Best Anti-Aging Treatment?

The Thermage System is last on our list of best anti-aging treatments. And yet, it’s definitely not the least impressive. This procedure shares many similarities with the Acculift treatment. First, the Thermage System is a quick procedure. It takes thirty minutes to an hour and a half. The time depends on your surgeon’s pace and the patient’s individual needs. Nonetheless, it a speedy procedure whose recovery window is also brief. Second, like Acculift, the Thermage System is a minimally invasive treatment. However, this system is even less invasive than Acculift in that there are no incisions or cuts of any nature. Here is where this procedure distinguishes itself from Thread Lifting. No needles are involved in the making or executing of the Thermage System.

In many ways, this system is in line with its competitors. It’s quick, cost-effective, and offers an expedited recovery window for its recipient. We’ve discussed what makes it similar. Let’s talk about what makes this treatment unique. Unlike the others, the Thermage System uses radiofrequency technology. This technology penetrates the layers of collagen lying beneath the skin’s surface. Once the collagen is heated, it encourages new collagen to form. As most of us know, collagen is at the core of tight, radiant skin. Therefore, the more you have, the younger you look. Because Thermage promotes the growth of collagen, your results will not only last but they’ll get better. Amazing, right?

So many of us want to wind back the clock. We reminisce on our “golden years”. However, turning back time comes with sacrifices that most of us are unwilling to make. Therefore, if you are wanting to regain your youthful glow, consider one of the listed anti-aging treatments. For more information on any of these procedures, please contact …

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