Frequently Asked Questions: Anti-Aging Procedures

Youth is a constant chase for every aging human being. The solution comes in the form of Anti-aging procedures. 

Many times we must remind patients that anti-aging procedures are not a one-hit-wonder. Yes, we can perform a procedure and make a drastic difference, but we need to follow through with every part of the procedure. Of course, this also means we need to educate our patients about anti-aging. So let’s start with a basic question.

What Causes The Skin To Age?

Anti-aging proceduresTime is the biggest culprit. As time passes we lose elasticity, strength, and muscles within our faces. Fine lines and wrinkles start to set in and then we take notice to age. 

When our bodies don’t react to foods the same. It all adds up. Over time everything begins to build against the body’s youth. Below is a list of factors that contribute to aging and premature aging.

  • Weight fluctuation/Diet
  • Weather exposure
  • Sun exposure
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Smoking
  • Stress

Most likely, we will all experience many, or perhaps all, of the factors above. It’s just inevitable with time. Aging is not avoidable, but it can be reversed. 

How Many Anti-Aging Procedures Do We Offer?

At Banobagi, we are able to perform procedures that are minimally invasive or non-invasive, depending on what the patient needs and wants. Anti-aging procedures include:

  • Elastic band lifting
  • SVF cell-fat injection/Stem cell therapy
  • Wrinkle Plasty
  • Laser method treatment
  • Full incision lifting and more
Anti-aging procedures
Structure of elasticum. Screenshot from

Our patients can opt to receive more than one procedure. Youth is not just one part of the
face, and if we see that the patient needs more than one procedure to achieve a well balanced, natural look then we will do what is best. 

What Are The Materials Our Specialists Utilize?

We use the best materials possible to achieve long-lasting results. From cutting edge technology to enhanced materials, our specialists work in tandem with the best tools at their disposal. 

Two of the many tools within our specialist’s arsenal are elasticum and SVF cells. Elasticum is primarily used in a Wrinkle Plasty. Originally developed by Italian plastic surgeon, Dr. Sergio Capurro, elasticum is created to make up for the weaknesses that other threading has.

This material is a hybrid of silicone and polyester. The material combines in a net-like shape, so to promote high tensile strength that will work in tandem with facial muscles when putting into the face. 

The elasticum threads will naturally adhere to the face and continue to work like regular muscles found in the face. This material gives a second chance to weak muscles and loose skin. Ultimately taking away any fine lines and wrinkles. 

Anti-aging procedures
The process that SVF cells are put through by Banobagi specialists. Screenshot from

SVF cells are the result of Banobagi’s extensive work in stem cell therapy. Banobagi’s extensive and protective way to extract, protect, and harvest healthy fat cells helps to create amazing results for many procedures. 

They can be injected into any part of the body and start promoting the correction of skin scarring, aging, and more. This works in tandem for any procedure that causes trauma to the body or for any trauma that a patient wants to get corrected. 

This is only the first of many steps that Banobagi is taking with stem cell therapy and elasticum. The future is full of possibilities. Banobagi’s greatest material is its ability to keep an open mind for the future. This way any material can be usable in many ways.

How Do You Keep Up With Your Age After Procedures Are Done?

The skin is like any other body part. It needs to be taken care of, it needs exercise, and it needs protection. How can we as patients and specialists make sure we are attentive to everything our skin needs? 

It is an everyday task to keep your skin healthy. A skincare regimen is necessary. Skin must always be:

  • Clean 
  • Hydrated
  • New

We know what you are thinking. How can someone have new skin? Simple, by scrubbing away the dead skin cells we are able to shed away a day of toxins and dirt. We lose 30,000 to 40,000 skin cells daily, so imagine not properly cleaning the skin as it goes through its natural process. 

Not only should the skin be maintained, but it should also be repaired through the use of anti-aging products. The best ingredients to promote youthful skin are the following:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Retinol

It is important to include any natural ingredients that will work in tandem with your skin. We want to revitalize elasticity and muscle strength. We want the skin to stay strong for more years to come. Unfortunately, we can’t always avoid all the factors that play into aging skin, so we have to work hard to counteract those factors. 

How Do Our Life Decisions Affect Our Skin In The Long Run?

As the new skin comes into the world it is vulnerable to all the world’s pollutants. This is where our patients have to be aware of the decisions they make in life. Many factors play into our health and we have to be aware of what those factors affect in the long run. Certain factors should be avoided because they will cause premature aging:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Poor diet
  • Not exercising regularly

Patients must always keep in mind that their decisions directly affect the end result of any procedure. While aging may take time, it never hurts to prolong the inevitable. Alongside our anti-aging procedures and good healthy life decisions, youth can stick around forever. 

In Conclusion

Anti-aging procedures are not a one-hit-wonder. Our patients have to keep up with healthy, consistent regimens so that youth can stick around. Aging is a natural process of life, and we should make sure that personal care is also a natural process of life. 

We at Banobagi do everything we can to allow our patients the chance to age gracefully. With the right mindset and the best specialists working alongside them, our patients will always look their best. Youth is attainable, we just have to learn how to keep it around. Find out more by clicking here.

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