Anti-Aging Procedure: The Fountain of Youth

How does one go about looking young again?

For many, looking youthful will always be a life priority. There are many ways to go about this. Skincare is popular, makeup is another option, however there is one that provides longer lasting results.

At Banobagi Plastic surgery clinic, we have the answer in our anti-aging procedures. The face naturally cultivates wrinkles through constant facial expression and living a lifetime. Banobagi is able to perform anti-aging procedures by thoroughly researching and understanding the complexities of facial expressions and facial muscles.

Treatments within this area include:

  • Elastic band lifting
  • SVF cell-fat injection
  • Wrinkle Plasty
  • Laser method treatment
  • Full incision lifting

However the treatments listed above are not the only procedures when it comes to anti-aging. Banobagi specialists will take every factor of a patients face into consideration. Depending on the case perhaps one patient may need bone work and another may need a different procedure all together. It is all very personal.

Anti-Aging Procedure: The Fountain of Youth

At the end of the day all patients that look into doing an anti-aging procedure want to achieve the same goal. They all want to find the fountain of youth. Patients want to bring their face back to a time in their lives when their skin was smooth, young, and wrinkle free.

Within Korean culture, beauty holds a lot of social standing. A young face tends to give out positive energy. For many Koreans, they want the best of both worlds and anti-aging treatments can give that to them.

Elasticum is an example of an anti-aging procedure.

What is Elasticum?

Elasticum is a special thread combined with polyester and silicone, which are wrapped in a net-like pattern to promote elasticity, high tensile strength, and stable tissue bondage.

Anti-Aging Procedure: The Fountain of Youth

Elasticum features include:

  • Elastic and smooth face motion
  • Minimal irritation
  • Minimal incision
  • Long lasting results



This material can be applied to anywhere that needs wrinkle treatments. The areas of the face that can use elasticum are but not limited to the:

  • Jawline
  • Cheeks
  • Chin
  • Smile line

This cutting edge material allows patients to have a second chance at youth.

How do you decide which anti-aging procedure is best?

One of the most important steps is consultation. Being able to have an open conversation about expectations, wants and needs is important for the patient and the specialist handling the procedure. Banobagi specialists take pride in the ability to research and upgrade their methods so that their patients can look as naturally great as possible.

For patients that are not fond of full incision lifting, elasticum would be the best material to use due to it’s minimally invasive nature. Another way for patients to figure out what they want is to research. The more a patient educates themselves on what they are getting the more the specialist is able to help them. Never be afraid to ask questions because your specialist will always have an answer.

Below are before and after photos of a patient that received elasticum treatment.

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In Conclusion

Youth is always in the soul, but seems to leave the physical body too quick. With these anti-aging procedures the chance to hold on to youth is bigger. Banobagi specialists are the true holders of the fountain of youth.

If this article catches your attention, then feel free to set up a consultation with one of our many specialists. Here is the page with a more in depth look into our anti-aging procedures.

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