Learn It All At Banobagi’s Advanced Academy In Plastic Surgery

Where do doctors and specialists go to hone their craft of plastic surgery?

They all go to the Advanced Academy in Plastic Banobagi Advanced Academy. A place where our doctors and specialists show the rest of the professional world how to do procedures in the best ways possible. 

Banobagi takes pride of plastic surgery a step further by sharing our knowledge with the world. Since Banobagi’s 2000 birth year we have become the representative brand of the Republic of Korea. With over 10,000 procedures under our belts, I am confident in saying this is where any medical practitioner should come to continue learning about their practice. 

Let’s start this off with an obvious question.

What is Banobagi Advanced Academy in Plastic Surgery  ? 

Advanced Academy in Plastic Surgery is a subject oriented education program. This is a tool that any current practitioner, residents or fellows can use to their benefit. The mission of AAPS is to continue educating themselves within the plastic surgery field. The faculty and staff is made up of 26 physicians, 14 of whom are board certified surgeons in plastic surgery.

What Does Advanced Academy in Plastic Surgery offer?

The Advanced Academy in Plastic Surgery offers an extensive program selection. The general list includes:

  • Oculoplasty (Eye surgery)
  • Rhinoplasty (Nose surgery/revision)
  • Rejuvenation surgery
  • Breast and body contouring surgery
  • Facial bone contouring surgery
  • Filler and Botox

Within these categories of surgery are specific procedures that a fellow practitioner can choose to focus on. For example, a practitioner can choose to study eye surgery, and want to specifically focus on non-incision upper lid surgery. 

Below is a screenshot of the daily schedule for a student.

Advanced Academy Banobagi
A screenshot taken from the Banobagi website.

How To Become A Part of Banobagi Advanced Academy? 

Enrolling in any program is simple and easy. Go to the web page and fill out the ‘Request’ form at the bottom of the screen and fill out the form. Once you finish that step a Banobagi representative will contact you ASAP, so that your journey can begin. 

Why Choose Banobagi as Your Education Program?

detailed surgeriesThis education program is run by current practicing specialists. Here at Banobagi we believe in getting every detail right. This why our specialists also refer to themselves as detailists. Because we know that every detail is equally important when it comes to plastic surgery.

 Not only will fellow medical practitioners learn from a working specialists, they become a part of the process. Every part of a program is hands on, so everyone is held accountable for their own education.

If a student wants a mentor, then we also offer this service as well. You can choose to have a mentor when filling out the ‘Request’ form. A mentor will be with you every step of the way. From procedures to case studies, Q&A’s and more.

Banobagi will also take care of the following:

  • Travel support: We provide free pickup and send off from the airport, travel documents, and other activities such as touring Korea.
  • Accommodations: We provide stays at two high-end hotels: Shilla Stay Yeoksam and Gangnam Family Hotel.

All the students have to do is come ready to learn. 

In Conclusion

Banobagi does not want all the glory and fame that comes with outstanding work in the field of plastic surgery. We also want to give back to those that do the same type of work.  is an extension of our goal in business. That goal is to give the best results possible, by using all our tools in the smartest ways.

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