5 Anti-Aging Skincare Tips to Stay Young

Do You Want to Preserve Your Youth For As Long As Possible?

I do, and I’m sure you want to fight towards anti-aging as well. We can all agree that we want to stay young and beautiful for as long as time will let us. We need to start with preventative measures now and make smart lifestyle changes in our anti-aging skincare routine to preserve our youth. As we get older, signs of maturity seem to form on our skin overnight. By then, it will be too late to reverse without the help of a facelift procedure.

anti-agingWe all have that one friend that seems to have the universe on their side because even though years have gone by, their skin looks like they are traveling back in time. If you are not that friend, don’t worry. We have insider secrets to fight the signs of aging overnight. Continue reading to unlock five skincare practices to beat the clock so you can wake up with rejuvenated skin. 

1. Scrub Away Your Dead Skin 

The first step in anti-aging is having a fresh base to absorb nutrients. Being tired is no excuse to sleep with a full face of makeup. Doing so can lead to unwanted breakouts and dullness. Properly cleansing your skin is how to preserve supple skin. When you wash your face it removes excess dirt that may settle in the fine lines and pores. Just as important as cleansing, your skin also needs to be exfoliated a few times a week to eliminate dirt and debris. The dead skin cells will gently be removed from the surface of your skin revealing a healthy layer.

2. Anti-Aging Creams 

anti-agingUsing moisturizer keeps your skin hydrated and encourages collagen production and elastin in your skin. There are different moisturizers on the market that pertain to different skin types so there is no excuse to not use it if you have sensitive skin. Moisturizer infused with retinoids is the secret weapon because they contain anti-aging properties. 

3. Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage

Your skin is exposed to sunlight every day yet people underestimate what the harmful ultraviolet radiation can cause to your skin. UV protection should be as important as brushing your teeth every day before you leave the house. Apply at least SPF 30 daily to guard your skin against sun damage that can create dark spots on your skin. Wearing sunglasses and hats if you know you’re going to be in direct sunlight for a while can help with anti-aging in the long run. 

4. Get Monthly Facials 

anti-agingProfessional facials offer so many treatments that your skin will thank you for. Aestheticians can provide your skin attention that products at home can’t do. If you have the money to spend, treat your skin to a multi-step procedure to properly clean and pamper your face. A facial massage will make your skin glow while destressing your mind and soul. The treatment is dedicated to your skin type and condition so you can have a noticeable end result.

5. De-Stress and Get Enough Sleep

Beauty rest is not just something girls say. It is scientifically proven that when your body is at rest, your skin is regenerating and absorbing all the products from your nighttime skin routine. Fun fact, sleeping on your back can help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on your face. It avoids rubbing your face against the pillow that may contain bacteria from the hair grease and hair products. 

Don’t Forget About The Rest of Your Body Before You Leave

Your life is filled with so many exciting experiences you forget how fast time goes by. Signs of skin aging catches up to you fast, your hands and neck are the first to give it away. Reduce unwanted signs of aging by practicing a few skincare tips in your daily routine. You may not be considered old but using anti-aging products won’t hurt. In fact, people are more prone to sabotaging their skin at a young age. There is only one chance at life, treat your body well and live young at heart.

If you’re reading this and already have the tell-tale signs of anti-aging, please contact us to find out how you can reverse the damage!


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